Ruzaimi Ramza Ramli is a Final Year Medical student, studying in Trinity College Dublin, located in the heart of capital city of Ireland. He is actively involved with social and student activities in Dublin and also back home in Malaysia. He is sometimes sceptical on attitude shown by Malaysian students abroad which don’t resembles the true spirit of togetherness between races in Malaysia. He welcomes any type of discussions especially with regards of politics, education and soft skill development amongst students. He stands firm on his view on future Malaysia will be led by bright youngsters nowadays. Together we work for a better Malaysia.


10 responses to “Profile

  1. Hi Ruzaimi,
    It’s Poh Si from theCICAK.

    I was going through your blog and noticed that you’re part of an UMNO club in Dublin. Would be interested to write an article about it?

    What you do, what the group’s about, and your thoughts about many, if not most, of the Malaysian students abroad who are strong opposition supporters. It’s intriguing how graduates like Nik Nazmi, Nathaniel Tan are fervent Keadilan supporters.

    theCICAK lacks conservative opinion-editorials. For the longest time, I’ve been trying to get UMNO Youth leaders to write for us. But to no avail. It would be absolutely wonderful if you would be interested to write one for us. Let me know if you need any help.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

    Poh Si

    PS. I like your point about “niat” sembahyang. It’s all about the “niat.”

  2. tlg carikan aku awek medic. desprado dah nie.

  3. ruzaimi?sy rs sy igt this name…is it called “boy”??ruzaimi ramza ramli srk sultan ismail(2)..if yes do contact me at hope u r my old fren…tgh cr kwn2 lama…orait bye..

  4. Nasri,

    i still remember you

    i’ve sent you an email already

    so do keep in touch

  5. Hey,

    Came across your comment on Rocky’s.
    Where is your RSS feed?

  6. Sila baca blog saya untuk subject spt politik dan lain-lain

  7. i guess i am your junior from mrsm tgb(jasin).
    can u give me some advice cause i am looking forward to be a doctor.
    i just had my spm results recently.
    i hope you can help.
    thank you.

  8. sakina,

    if u can drop me an email at ruzaimiramza-(at), i’ll try my best to help u out.

    *change -(at)- with @.

  9. trima kasih berikan saya info yang berguna

  10. Salam,

    Nak tanya sikit ttg belajar di Ireland… Ada email add tak?

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