Quick Post: PAS election 2011

My take on PAS muktamar and election 2011.

Again, PAS members have proven themselves to be the most disciplined and loyal to the party agendas. There were no shouts of ‘rasuah’, ‘tipu’ or ‘kronisme’ after the results were announced. Eventhough it takes them overnight to count the votes from 1000 plus delegates.

PAS has so much potential to be the leading Malay majority political party in Malaysia politics.

But why just 1000 plus delegates voting when UMNO and PKR are trying to introduce one member one vote system. 1000 plus delegates will not determine the future Prime Minister of Malaysia ( should PAS able to position itself to be the controlling most reliable political party in PR ). Don’t tell me PAS is immune against corruption, trust me they are afterall, human.

5 minutes write up, 3 minutes read and 2 minutes feedback


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