Prove me wrong PR!

I am not the only person in Malaysia (and outside Malaysia) whose looking closely on what Pakatan Rakyat has been doing since the much hyped ‘political tsunami’ in March 2008. Not because I think BN must not dominate the political scene in this country, but, in my humble opinion, there must be a viable, strong alternatives to counter check the current ruling government. If the current power-that-be isn’t doing much for the people, the people can hand the mandate to the other party. As simple as that, on paper of course.

I, to a certain extent, was disillusioned by the hopes and promises that were dished out by Pakatan Rakyat during the last general election campaign. Thinking that PR may well be the viable alternative to BN to run the country, I almost put all my money on PR taking over Putrajaya come next election. Nevertheless, I’m glad that I didn’t because it seems like we’re going nowhere with PR based on latest infighting and internal squabbles that are going on especially in PKR and DAP. Not to mention, rampant ‘hidden’ or should I say ‘concealed’ corruptions too, a sin that they happily associated BN with to gain people’s support.

When they weren’t in power, it might be much easier to run the party. When there’s a potential to takeover Putrajaya, automatically PR will attract the corrupts and opportunists. The same problem that has been plaguing BN for more than 50 years. A problem that comes in package with power. A test that BN failed miserably, and PR almost imminently will fail the test too after just 2 years in power. So, again, this raise to the question is PR the most viable alternative to BN. Do we need a third force?

I’m not here to highlight the wrongdoings or whatever corrupt practices in BN, everybody knows. They say, the greatest fear is the fear of the unknown. Will PR be just like BN if they have the mandate to run the country? Or worse, probably? We can easily brush aside all the weaknesses and malpractices in PR by pointing fingers at what BN did wrongly in previous administrations. That certainly doesn’t solve the problem. First, the real issue isn’t addressed properly, and secondly by fingerpointing, PR will forever be in state of delusion (of grandiosity of course).

I don’t think PR is any better than BN, or at least one thing for sure is, they are behaving like BN, look like BN, sound like BN, but not BN. They do and still think the people is stupid. For example, the tweet ‘OMG! real culprit is freed’ was claimed referring to a chinese action movie that Teng from DAP was watching in the car. Wow! only a stupid would believe that, and guess what CEC of DAP believed just that! Yesterday PKR suspended 12 PKR Sabah leaders ‘alligned’ to Jefrey Kittingan for allegedly played a major role in registering Parti Cinta Sabah, an act that is deemed treason by the party disciplinary body. A move that many believe is masterminded by little Anwar (read: Azmin Ali), backed by Sivaji the boss himself, to check Jeffrey’s influence in this coming party elections.

And the deafening silence from Anwar himself regarding the sacking issue makes the matter worse. Going by the logic used in the court lately in suggesting Saiful’s intimacy with the assistant DPP in Sodomy 2, allegation is deemed or believed to be true since there is no refusal/rebuttal from the accused party , similarly in this case. Anwar kept his mouth shut on this issue. So it’s true then, or is it not?

This article might not go well with PR supporters, well, certainly truth hurts. And if PR supporters can’t take criticism, I will be very worried and concerned should PR be in power. Every leader needs feedbacks from the people and must react accordingly to the feedbacks. And politicians tend to quickly switch to their comfort-zone mode when they are given too many praises. The people is a very hard lot to please, and every politician knows that.

I used to hear in PR’s ‘ceramah’ that it’s almost impossible to find corruptions in DAP, well that doesn’t hold true anymore. And PKR is indeed a fraction of UMNO. A prominent blogger, Haris Ibrahim, questioned in his latest article who will kick UMNO out of Anwar, my question is, if PKR is akin to UMNO, why bother kicking UMNO out of Anwar? Why rest our country’s fate to a single person, whom lately has been very inconsistent especially with his promises made previously.

Honestly, I really don’t mind if BN is dethroned from Putrajaya. If that’s the only solution to cleanse the party, so be it. But at least don’t leave me and other fellow curious Malaysians be kept in the dark of what to expect from the new government. Don’t leave us living in fear of the unknown for the next 5 years. Putrajaya seems so close, but yet too far, still, for the dreamers in PR. Best of luck, Malaysians.


One response to “Prove me wrong PR!

  1. As a voter is it too much to ask for PAKATAN to once and for all decide whether they will implement hudud or not? Why can’t it just say outright no as this will clear my uncertainty.

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