Why shoot PAS for a ‘crime’ they never commit?

Unity Talk divides, says an analyst in Malaysian Insider. Such action is allegedly to wedge the gap wider between Pakatan alliances. Akin an old Malay adage ‘rumah sudah siap, pahat masih berbunyi’, even after the curtain in Melawati Stadium was lowered signalling the end of PAS’s 55th Muktamar, debates on a list of controversies that arose from the meeting of the second largest political party in Malaysia still continues. PAS is now seen as an enemy not only to it’s own political ‘siblings’, but also to a certain faction in the PAS itself.

Judging from the attention given to the Muktamar, PAS has indeed evolved to the next level, from being a party that is only known amongst Muslims and Malays population to a party that also catches the eyes and ears of non-Muslims too.

The establishment of Pas Supporters Group plays a big role but not as big as the influence PAS enjoys from cooperating with DAP and PKR. One is seen as Chinese centered party while the latter claimed by it’s former Youth Chief, dropped the Malay agenda to embrace a multiracial platform. Whatever it is, these PR pact comes with a catch or two, PAS is seen as having to drop it’s own political agendas in order to stay in line with it’s allegiance to PR.

Many still remember how Husam Musa, former Vice President of Pas, was made to retract his fiery pledge to introduce Hudud in Malaysia, should Pas come into power, presumably via general elections. The protest call came flying from PAS’s own partner, DAP – which I believe need not to sacrifice many since joining PR. Husam’s pledge was made in front of PAS die-hard supporters, just for him to swallow it back a day later, after the pressure from DAP.

A call to ban Sister’s in Islam and willingness to talk to UMNO invites friendly fire from, who else, PKR and DAP. The strongest opposition to PAS doesn’t come from UMNO, ironically. Now, would PKR call UMNO’s open arms to any discussion with PAS on national issues as offering an olive branch again? Would DAP again walk away from Pakatan Rakyat, like what they did to Barisan Alternatif?

It is not surprising that PAS will be made as the black sheep of PR who now controls four states, including two richest states in Malaysia, namely Penang and Selangor. Mind you, they just lost control of Perak due to crossing over of three (four including Bota YB) assemblyman (and woman). Guess what, the three were from PKR and DAP, not PAS. So who should be telling who what is right and what is wrong now?

PAS want to be the driving force in PR, and they have the numbers (unlike the de-facto PKR leader), with more than a million active members, and an extensive grass root organizational structure, PAS is without doubt the most prepared, senior and capable party to lead PR. Hence, the call for PM from PAS should PR won the federal government in next general election is perfectly reasonable.

There are a fraction of PAS who sees it’s president as the best candidate to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia, while another fraction of PAS don’t believe so, instead opting for another candidate from a 10 years old party. Most of the troubles in PR now originated from PKR and DAP, especially in Penang and Perak. Hardly we hear PAS causing headaches to PR, until today.

My point is, why shoot PAS for a ‘crime’ they never commit? It’s no different than Internal Security Act which PR strongly opposed. PAS should be allowed (in fact, they need no permission to talk to anyone, anytime) to talk to UMNO or any other parties, NGOs or individuals on important national issues. If you can be stern on PAS’s call to ban Sisters in Islam, why ban UMNO from PAS’s contact list? The parties who had committed ‘crime’ are PKR and DAP, why PAS being made a scapegoat for wanting to discuss with UMNO?



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