Elizabeth is the victim, but I think she has to resign..

there are few issues revolving around eli’s case..

1. personal privacy being violated.

everyone stands right for own space and privacy, this privacy was violated by her ex-bf with or without her consent, regardless.

2. morality of a leader.

best moral practice must be upheld especially by leaders, since their acts represent the constituents they elected for. In this case, nobody is to judge eli’s morality just by looking at few pictures.

Indeed picture tells thousand words, but let’s not be a hypocrite. She need to be given opportunity to come clean and explain.

3. possible reasons for leak of picture.

i’m no master in making speculations, neither do i want to speculate, but obvious things are obvious..

she just broke up with her ex-bf, so don’t you smell revenge or payback in this case?

is it to tarnished eli’s political career? of course yes, that’s the whole purpose of ‘whoever’ behind this to circulate these pics. does this act of blackmailing acceptable, definitely NOT.

is there any way that BN hands are behind this? read below..

4. BN

BN will do similar to what PR did when sex video of CSL leaked.

CSL indeed apologized and tendered his resignation from cabinet, but not parliament seat (because it was too near to PRU-12), and he stepped down from party post as well. We all knew that he was one of the best, if not the best Minister of Health.

so are we going to blame BN for politicizing this issue and putting huge pressure on Eli, PKR, and PR to do ‘the right’ thing? ‘orang mengantuk disorong bantal’, will BN refuse to sleep? NO!

it’s common routine damage control practice by PR to implicate BN whenever their reps screwed up. Well that’s a political strategy too, so as far as politic is concerned, all is fair.

but to come up with such allegations (or at least attempt to link BN) is outrages and baseless, provided that there are no proof to tell that BN is behind this. As i said, obvious thing is obvious.

They are just doing a ‘serkap jarang’ practice.

5. Unprotected sex

Not only a person must have condom handy in their pockets or wallet, a single, very important figure must also check that their partner is not carrying a video camera phone. A nokia 3210 will do just fine!

In this case, Eli is indeed a victim, I’m sorry for her. However one must look deep to how this case will affect her party, PR government in Selangor, moral issue and the acceptance of Bukit Lanjan constituents.


3 responses to “Elizabeth is the victim, but I think she has to resign..

  1. Do I need to speculate the speculation you made, well who is this HILMI? Rumours are spreading like wild fire but the Police had no idea, funny ah????

  2. Tian Chua mengamuk apabila wartawan ajukan soalan adakah beliau ex-bf Elizabeth Lanjan, jawab beliau “If u ask again, I smash your head!”, ada apa-apa ke?

  3. I really don’t want to speculate on who’s behind this stupid controversy. It might be her ex who wants revenge, it might be someone from BN who wants to screw things up, or it might as well be someone from PR itself because of power struggle of some sort. So there is a whole lot of possibilities out there.

    Anyway, the question right now is not who to blame. It is a matter of morality. This case is somewhat different with what Chua Soi Lek’s. Chua Soi Lek admitted that he was having an affair with the woman in the video. AlthoughI really don’t think infidelity has nothing to do whatsoever with his ability to do his work, to scrutinise the Malaysian healthcare, but the fact that he was able to lie/hide something to his wife and family, it’ll be much easier to lie to his constituents and Malaysians as a whole. But hey, nobody’s perfect, and people CAN change. Islam teaches us to forgive people, even Allah forgives even the worst of sins.

    Anyway, back to Elizabeth Wong. I really can’t see why she has to resign. She’s not married, she’s not a Muslim. So whatever she did with her boyfriend was not wrong in any way. Unless she sleeps around with a lot of men, then that’s a problem. If she sleeps with her boyfriend, according to her religion and culture, I assume it’s not wrong. So assuming she only sleeps with her boyfriend, there is no question of morality here.

    As per the unprotected sex thing, almost everyone now has a camera phone. So really, you can’t expect her to tell her boyfriend, “give me your phone’s battery because you might take nude pictures of me” everytime she goes to bed. Nevertheless, she (everyone really) should be careful.

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