Free Gaza: Azzam Tamimi rubbished Israeli PM aide, on air

A debate between..

1. Mark Regev, Israeli PM Spokesperson

2. Mr. Azzam Tamimi, Political Analyst and author on ‘Hamas’, and

3. Chris Davies, Member of European Parliament

Watch, listen and digest..

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2


One response to “Free Gaza: Azzam Tamimi rubbished Israeli PM aide, on air

  1. A good discussion/debate on the current Gaza issues. I dont really support the argument of Azzam Tamimi as he seems to be not independent with his analysis as political analyse, too emotional and does shows anger and bias towards hamas as well as paranoid for example the israel comment that the all/most international community does not recognise it. Mark Regev view abit factual but as Chris Davies pointed out, it does not justified a full out attack on Gaza/Hamas.

    Have a look at the CNN interview of Syria President

    It really good.

    Azzam Tamimi is blaming most of the event as conspiracy between israel to control them, even accuse of Fatah to arming against Hamas which is just paranoid. I would feels if the political analyse like Fareed Zakaria, then I would accept some of the arguement.

    After all been said, I hope this will end soon. The truth about war is people die” it may be civilian or soldier. I would blame both Hamas as they action lead to others misery and Israel to not listen for international and humane pressure for peace treaty. (They treat this matter like a machine. to complete the objective without any compassion.

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