Free Gaza 1: This blog condemns Zionist extremism on people of Gaza

for-gazaThis blog pledge to write as much as possible about the attack on Gaza, with only one objective in mind, that is to ensure Gaza is given it’s freedom and solidarity.

The attack on Gaza has entered the second week, the Israeli army is marching in, killing more civilians in each step they take. Ground invasion started today, a mosque filled with people praying was bombed, 10 were reported to be killed in that blast ~ this news was reported from a journalist directly from ground zero, thru a phone call made during Free Gaza demonstration in Dublin, which I attended.

No words can describe the sufferings shouldered by the Palestinians, as Israel will definitely aim to finish Palestinian in one sweep. No signs of slowing down, act of terrorism solely driven by evil intentions. Heartless.

Protesters marched towards O’Connell Street from Dame Street in a chilly Saturday where the sun is shining rather very brightly, the weather is still as cold as ever. In Palestine, people there could hardly see sunshine, the smoke from the explosions of the bombs on their land turn the blue sky, grey. The heat they are feeling is of the gunfire and the blaze caused by Israeli bombs and grenades.

boythrowingstoneIsrael targeted this attack on Hamas, with civilians casualties as ‘cost of war’. The price Palestinian is paying is way too much. An Israeli was killed, 40 innocent Palestinian children were slaughtered in return. Hamas is a democratically chosen by Palestinians to lead the country, and Israel doesn’t seem to be able to respect the voice of Palestinian people. They rammed as they wish, terrorist don’t know democracy or whatever. They feast in blood, their joy is other’s suffering.

America, the most democratic nation in the world, supported Israel terrorizing Palestinian land. They want Israel to finish up Hamas. The most democratic country in the world doesn’t seem to be respecting the choice of Palestinian people via democracy. They condone such act by Israel, when most of the countries in the world condemn.

A united International voice is need to condemn this act of terrorism by Israel on Gaza, this war must stop now, the only war that exists is war on terrorism, in this case Israel.

Not denying the fact that there maybe some section of Israeli citizens that condemn this attack, I didn’t direct this criticism to them, but to their Zionist-extremist government.

Free Gaza..

Please generously donate to a good cause, to alleviate the sufferings of Gaza people.

Donations can be made via the following bank account details.

BANK NAME: AIB Clonskeagh

ACC NAME: Federation of Student Islamic Societies

ACC NO: 18102047

SORT CODE: 93-11-87

And please enter statement as ‘For Gaza’

InsyaAllah, I will write more on Gaza from time to time.


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