PR: It’s complicated

love_hate_relationship_by_chrometourmaline-21Some call it a marriage of convenience, some even say it is a loose alliance, but for me I would stick to my opinion that is, this whole ‘pakatan’ is a political love-hate relationship or simply described as “it’s complicated”, a catch phrase popularised by social network Friendster. While the big guns such as Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim, Husam and the gang think 080303 was a tsunami of political transformation, I chose to think that nothing actually changed except, voters dissociate themselves from BN merely as a sign of protest and discontenment.

In a recent debate between Husam, Khairy and Prof Aziz Bari, moderated by Prof Agus of Hujah at TV9, the topic “Transformasi Politik” is discussed. While Husam clearly propagating and at the same time defending 16th September’s unfinished ‘business’ – masterminded by Husam new best friend – Anwar Ibrahim, Khairy’s definition to this political transformation included this two-prongs approach. Firstly, Khairy stressed that protest votes aren’t positive votes, with exception of Kelantan (Husam cheekily shot down Khairy’s “18 tahun pade doh” campaign to capture Kelantan in GE12). Secondly, not only BN-PR change of votes, but intraparty transformation also took place as a result of previous GE.

Arrogance of power (AoP) is also a term that is new to some of the audience in the hall. Husam referred to Khairy’s remark on Bersih protesters as ‘street monkeys’ to point out the AoP in UMNO. Khairy quickly brought the audience back to 16th September plan in which he claimed as a showcase of arrogance of power in PR, adding to his previous comment saying that this AoP is contagious, and spread much quicker than Husam might have thought. Whenever there are opportunities to personally attack Khairy, Husam never failed to capitalize, much to the disappointment of supporters of Khairy who obviously outmuscled by the armies in ‘white ketayap’.

In an attempt to counter numerous bullets, Khairy did try to implicate Husam as Erdogan’s fraction of Pas and ‘sincerely’ supporting Husam for PAS precidency come next PAS party election next year. Husam unsportingly refused to support Khairy’s plight for UMNO Youth Chief, maybe too much to ask for.

As expected, in a debate of such credentials, the stage of two political gladiators, as described as Prof Aziz Bari in his opening speech, few challenges being thrown to each other. The one that made the headline in the next day’s newspaper was Husam’s words of implementing Hudud Law once PR manage to wrestle out BN from Putrajaya. Thanks to Khairy’s challenge, now Husam had just thrown his de facto leader a big headache come Kuala Terengganu bye-election not so far from today. Is this a calculated move by Khairy, to fish issue to be put into the BN’s warchest for KT bye election or is it just merely a rhetorical challenge (a challenge as a result of Husam’s continuous attempts to taint Khairy’s image in front of Kelantanese politic enthusiasts)

Unsurprisingly, PAS’s pro-secular companion, DAP, another member of PR, without any hesitation responded in hostile to the Hudud pledge by PAS’s Vice President – a knee-jerk reflex by DAP’s stalwart LKS. ‘Husam must come with his own clarification to the pledge’ and ‘DAP’s stand on secular character of Malaysian nation and state remain unchanged’, those are the outcomes of the knee-jerk. And now another round of Hudud debate is about to begin (or had just begun). Hopefuly this time no one will want to sue whoever who wants to implement Hudud Law. I wonder what happen to the person who few years ago wanted to bring this Hudud case to the court, is he with PAS or PKR now? or DAP? I believe DAP is a better place to be for him.

Now, PAS-DAP relationship will again increases to the boiling temperature, there were nothing to be proud of in their past relationship histories to begin with, so this latest ‘quarrel’ will be a real test. To quote from Khairy, which I believe did a good job that night (credit is due when it’s due), PR is as Malay adage goes “retak menanti belah” boldly translated to “an imminent destruction waiting to happen”, I believe Anwar Ibrahim, with his now reduced amount of credibility, need to do something, tactfully, promptly and quickly. Is this a damage beyond repair?

PAS-PKR-DAP is a pact (not a formal alliance) based on convenience, they work together to fight BN in GE12 and decided to forget the grudges, discontements, and fundamental differents in political pillars between each other for a short period of time. Most of the time PKR is the gelling agent, Anwar as the main mediator. But now, PAS is splitting to two, thanks to Anwar, some PAS members believe onlyAnwar is suitable to become PM, and not their own PAS president. Therefore, fair enough to say the ‘PAS Tulin’ fraction have some sort of reservation towards Anwar now, more than ever before perhaps. It’s really a complicated relationship, maybe love-hate is not the best description because there’s no love to start with.

Machiavellian politic permits any actions, as long as the goals are reached. My prayers are that hopefully PAS (in this case), or any other political parties in Malaysia won’t resort to Machiavelli’s school of tought. Matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara.

A media coverage from Malaysiakini vis-a-vis this Hudud issue is expected, however they prefer to publish a news from ‘unnamed source’ to somewhat cast doubts in BN’s candidate chance to win the election. Malaysiakini will only publish views and news that matter to their hidden agenda, that is to ensure Anwar’s dream materialize. Everytime I read Malaysiakini, the confident face of Premesh, the CEO of Malaysiakini, trying to convinced the audience at Projek Amanat Negara V (PAN V) organized by UKEC of the number of MPs Anwar had in his pocket. The only thing Premesh forgot to mention is Anwar’s pocket has got hole in it.

The possibilities that Malaysia will turn to bi-partisan politics intrigued me, however I think I will not too much hope into it, as Mat Sabu put it, “pakatan ini longgar”.

I viewed PR for once as an aeroplane in autopilot, since the three pilots seems to be in different views with each other most of the time, however, I’m wrong. The aeroplane is not in autopilot, it is controlled by just one party – which I will not name it here – I just don’t want to spoil the surprise and what more to insult anyone’s intelligence. Over to you.


4 responses to “PR: It’s complicated

  1. 😉
    i think the fellas just have to sort it out.
    anyway why can’t PAS says it wants to implement hudud? it’s their perjuangan and even before march 8, they din have any pact with DAP besides seat allocations….

  2. bangsa Cina Malaysia

    PAS anyway is more trustworthy than UMNO.
    BTW DR.M declare Malaysia an Islamic state whe he was PM
    and nobody
    especially the chinese make any noises on it.

    Just give your vote to PAS in KT by election.

  3. why must dap show it’s fang everytime pas wants to implement what the party is fighting for?

    vote for umno or pas depends on the issue during by election cmpgn.. Hudud is really a test for pas and dap.. Siapa musang berbulu ayam?

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