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The first time I heard about such bold effort to privatize IJN is through Rockybru, he had expressed his dissatisfaction and is really against such move. He had written two almost similar posts about this, that shows how serious he is in not wanting to see this materialize.



IJN is world renowned. Nobody can deny that not even those Mahathir haters as Rockybru put in writings..

“p.s. Mahathir haters, take note: I’ve stated in a comment in response to some commenters under my last posting that it was Dr Mahathir, in his usual dictatorial way, who forced the Barisan Nasional government back then to put heart and soul into the creation of the IJN.”

As for me it’s easy for us to complaint and oppose, but let’s make life easier to both sides. We give them why we oppose this and not only that we offer them solutions. Isn’t that a much more honorable way to oppose. Principle (and dignity) intact.

Why IJN shouldn’t be made private?

1. The poor are the one who benefited a lot from the establishment of IJN. Let’s give some air to breathe to the MoF and Sime Darby, come out with plan of action that can convince us that the poor will not be left out in pursue of maximum profit (capitalism vs socialism?).

2. IJN is government’s pride. Ministry of Health should be the one who are really strong against this move. Why? IJN for since it was opened had proved that Malaysia is at par with other countries when it comes health management. I went to a specialist lectures the other day that suggest Irish government to pick Malaysia as their health tourist place of choice. They have confidence in our specialists and healthcare system (though, forex is also a factor).

3. Many chronic illnesses centers here in Ireland is funded by government and is run by government funded hospital. Of course this is the only short cut way so that the government can be directly linked to improving the health of the citizens (rakyat). Again, MoH must fight for IJN.

4. If the argument is on the competitiveness in salary payment. I believe consultans/surgeons they are earning more than they can imagine, enough for few generations already. They might think of doing some sort of national service. So by privatizing IJN or any other similar centers, soon the consultants/specialist will shy away from the system. Even now, the consultants don’t stick to one hospital, they do have clinics, surgeries done in private center anyway, they have their private-public weekly schedule.

5. Instead, government should spend more on establishing such internationally renowned and certified health centers. That will surely lure many bright consultants and specialist into government service. For instance, an Irish consultant were called by the government (or the hospital) back to Dublin and run a hepatopancreaticobilliary center in one of the main public hospital in Dublin. Speaking about brain gain, this is not ordinary brain they gained, it is an Irish-born-American-trained consultant’s brain!

6. Okay, understanding Sime Darby capitalistic (profit first) approach, we should give some recommendation to them. Why not just offer only a section of the IJN to be privatized, like a few wards or so. This way, the poor can still be look after by the government involvement, and Sime Darby can by all means profit from the paying private patients. Provided that Sime Darby must play it’s CSR role in maintaining IJN and by offering slightly better salary plan to the staffs.

Looking back at these past 2 days development, I think this kind of discussion/debate from certain pressure group is healthy. There are a lot of things in this world that we don’t share in common between us, but the main thing is the benefit will outweigh the maleficence. Whatever decision they reached to, the poor must profit the most, not Sime Darby or government.

IJN  privatization got green light from government : http://malaysiakini.com/news/95074


2 responses to “IJN must not be made private ~ Malaysiakini

  1. Salam Ruzaimi.

    Nice article. Thanks for giving me some insights on this matter. Well done. All the best.

  2. thank shahrin,

    thanks for dropping by bro.. and i am happy that u got my message in that article. Re-reading that article, I found a lot of grammatical errors which I am so lazy to edit, after all they don’t distort my points.

    all the best to u too

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