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sahabatsejatiDay by day, Malaysia is sinking deep into the black hole of misunderstandings and misconceptions especially concerning our multi racial and multi religious make up. We heard politicians championing ‘colour blind Malaysia’, but questions arise, are they really true to their pledge, or are they being blindfolded by a more promising personal greed that is to benefit their political careers only?

First, we quarrel about the term ‘ketuanan Melayu’ or Malay Supremacy. For me, it is a false and very misleading terminology to start with. When we are talking about ‘ketuanan’, it involves two parties, the master and the servant. Let’s be honest and be fair in our judgement, boldly put, do you see Chineses or Indians being the servants for the Malays in Malaysia? The Malays are struggling to get hold on Malaysia’s economic pie, we are lacking behind in terms of numbers of Malays in critical professions and if we speak about number, Malays are the majority in this country.

Put aside the debate on who dwell this land first, whoever living in this country regardless of skin colour, religious beliefs, sexual orientations must agree to this mutual point that is there is a need to reduce social, economic, and educational disparities between races in this country. Some politicians really are a disappointment to me, personally. They talk rhetorics, they do none. When they make a statement, the only thing at the back of their heads is this question; will my popularity increases within certain group of people after making this statement? And that’s the only thing that concerns them.

Today, yet another bombshell was dropped on Malaysia’s promising future, people who talk about building Malaysian Malaysia is suggesting that they are not for one school system, they think children of different racial backgrounds should be educated in different schools. And will that unite them Mr.? Well, they are talking cock all this while, talks about gaining Malay support to their party served just as a smoke screen. Nothing more nothing less.

Had Malaysia started to dissociate itself from racial-based, sectarian politics? You can find the answer in this past few days development in Malaysia.

I remembered quite clearly, during Projek Amanat Negara 5 held by UKEC in London this year, I was one of the discussion group moderator. I made a suggestion quite similar to the formation of a single school system for Malaysia, to promote unity. And the discussion went on from that motion. When it came to this one particular Non-Malay member of the group, he threw a question back at me, and It sounded pretty much like this; If we are to sacrifice our SRJKC, will you be ready to sacrifice your monarcy system?

I gulped in shock and at the same time was really amazed by the way the school system is being likened with monarchy system, in a way. If that’s how they see their SRJKC as, I could really understand why the issue of vernacular system is a taboo to them as how Malays will jump around when the concept of ‘ketuanan Melayu’ (although it is a misleading term) is poked at. In my humble opinion, It is a matter of comparing orange and apple, they are not the same. Malaysia monarchy can be a symbol of unity to Malaysians, but the vernacular school systems only show how segregated we are, even from early childhood.

There must be a way to solve this, if Malaysia is really moving towards a non-racial, non-sectarian socio politics, therefore, Politicians (with hidden agendas) please stay out of the way.

If some of us say, Chinese schools pupil turn out to be better that national school pupil, won’t you want all anak Melayu, anak India, and anak lain-lain to get the best as how anak Cina get? Isn’t that what Malaysia desperately needs? A better younger generation that can lead to a better nation in the future.

Oh, and am I going to be charged with Akta Hasutan for saying this, as suggested by Kit Siang here? I hope not.

Petikan Utusan:-

Ahli sejarah, Prof. Tan Sri Dr. Khoo Kay Kim menyifatkan cadangan Mukhriz itu sebagai sangat baik dan menyamai cadangan dalam Penyata Razak 1956 dan Jawatankuasa Barnes 1951.

“Malangnya cadangan itu tidak dapat dilaksanakan dan kemudian dilupakan begitu sahaja ekoran orientasi pendidikan yang lebih menekankan markah ‘A’ dalam peperiksaan.

“Pelajar belajar tanpa matlamat positif untuk perpaduan, hanya untuk peperiksaan. Seringkali mereka tidak faham apa-apa yang dipelajari… mereka hanya tahu menghafal,” ujarnya.


Kit Siang: Mukhriz salah menghasut


19 responses to “I am for a single school system, for unity ~ Malaysiakini

  1. One single school system is ok, good. No MARA Colleges, No Sains School, No Sekolah Agama, No One Race School. Everybody can be monitor, prefect, headboy, headgirl, best student. Scholarship based on merit. After all we dont want any discrimination? All Headmasters and Adinistrators must be multiracial. No one race dominance. No praying in school or all types of prayers allowed. Lets have complete unity. Completely colour blind, religions blind, gender blind. How?

  2. Patrick,

    I believe this suggestion of single school system need to be brought to ministerial level discussion, and this school must also be in line with our constitution.

    It is going to be a national tool to promote unity starting from early childhood.

    It must start from somewhere, and the fact that it is going to be brushed away by some even before it’s being discussed properly is a sad thing to Malaysia.

    Thanks for dropping by

  3. I agree with a single school system but not under UMNO.

    There are a few things we need to sort out first.

    First build the trust. The Chinese school movement don’t trust UMNO. Once UMNO is removed, then discussions on a single school system can start.

    Second: Is Malay in its current form suitable for the 21st century. You have recognized that the Chinese school system produce better students. Would you agree to have a single school system with the teaching in Chinese? For the sake of unity?

    Third: Will the administration be colour-blind with the best person chosen to head the school, or are we going to revert to the Ketuanan Melayu system. In education, meritocracy is essential.

    Ok. I was pulling your leg. Malay is fine as a language of unity and communication. But as a language for science and maths, it is too slow. They need to speed it up a fair bit – by 50%. Otherwise the practitioners in that language will think too slowly and in the world of the Internet, we can’t afford that.

    Eg Try counting 1 to 10 in Malay at top speed. Did your tongue trip over each other? In Chinese, we can do it in 1/3 the time because the tone sequence is smooth from one number to the next and each number requires one syllable only. A Malay, Moktar Mansor, taught me that. All the best. See ….


  4. Will having single school system remove the people’s unhappiness over affirmative action? Are these 2 issues linked?

    By having single school system, will it influence greater racial harmony? What about affirmative action? Still kept in place in tandem with single school system?

    Much of the racial disharmony stems from having too many school systems? Or is it from affirmative action? Or is it from both?

  5. 1. well, if students in chinese schools do well, why not convert all primary schools into chinese medium schools. we can argue that using chinese language to teach the subjects may be the most effective way, since results seem to show so. In the interest of future generation, then Chinese school is the way forward.

    2. secondly, Muhkriz only touched on vernacular schools, conveniently leaving out private schools, MRSM, and SAR. This is politician’s talk, not a person who is thinking about unity’s talk.

    3. The intake for vernacular schools are not decreasing. why? why do parents opt for chinese or tamil schools? is it blind faith? is it because of good results? is it due to discrimination in national schools? can an in-depth survey be done first?

    4. are national type schools free of any political and religious interference? are students being discriminated? i feel that the cause of the racial polarization is the national schools and public universities. of course media and politicians also play a crucial role.

    5. long time ago, vernacular schools were located in areas where the particular race were dominant. thus, less chance for interaction between all races. but now, quite a number of vernacular schools are found in multi-racial areas. children get to interact at football field, playground, shopping centers, open houses, tuition centers etc.

    6. most students got to national schools after primary school. The only possible concern are those that learn in chinese medium for 11 years of their lives. Thus, i feel the suggestion by Mukhriz is targeted at the Chinese. For the Indians, its not a big deal. They feel the discrimination regardless of where they go to school to.

  6. ahem,

    the more you question the more you confuse yourself and myself. =)

    affirmative action is needed to make this single school system a reality, can i put it that way?


    thanks for making me realize that it is indeed a tongue twisting experience to count 1-10 in malay at top speed.

    i reiterated, the school system must be in line with our country’s constitution that is afterall the backbone of the country’s administration.

    the question on UMNO or non-UMNO involvement doesn’t arise in this matter, what we need is not political party, we need sincerity the most. If we are sincere, be it UMNO, MCA, PAS, DAP, or AKIM, this system will be good to go.

    are you in the camp that suport teaching science and math in english?

    All the best to you too.

  7. My opinion is that having a single school system is good! Let the students mix freely among themselves, just like I experienced when I was in primary and secondary Kebangsaan school, as well as in public universities.

    The non-Malays are actually afraid that their own race identities will be eroded. Allay their fears! Let the students study their own vernacular language as well. Let them also conduct their own religious classes under the same roof. Can’t we have 2 at the same time? National language and vernacular language in the same physical school learnt at the same time?

    Make it a win-win situation. But the hardest thing is to how to convince the hardliners or exremists to soften their approaches. Headache!

  8. Hi ruzaimi,

    Wah so fast the reply came! I have to ask those questions so that the people can really zoom into the problem and tackle it fast.

  9. ahem,

    that is why we need to bring this to the table. many things need to be discussed and can be adjusted according to preferences..

    problem starts when politician want to be champion for a certain sector of the people.


    let’s give this suggestion some hope. Discrimination exist even in our own house, not only racial, but genders etc. Having said that, I am not suggesting such practice is allowed, nor do i condone to that.

    while i think u have a valid points in your comment, can we at least share one thing in common. A school maybe.

  10. As for the teaching of Math and Science, to me it is very simple. Just learn. Learn in Malay, English or Mandarin or in any languages.

    There is no harm in learning in any languges. If you are learning in BM, learn also in English.

    I learn Math and Science in BM and English at the same time during my school time. I also try learning in Mandarin wherever and whenever possible. So why debate over this issue when the simplest thing to do is just to learn it in any language.

    At the end of the day, it is the learner who benefits. Why debate? Why the furore?

  11. Oh this may be a little out of topic here.

    I have been reading so many blogs and comments on the Internet on Malay-bashing, saying how the Malays can’t really stand up on their own feet etc ….

    I really wish people would stop making such idiotic comments as I have come across many individuals, Malays and non-Malays alike who are highly respectable in my eyes.

    So please people stop making such comments as I truly believe it is the individual himself or herself who should be commented upon and not the entire race or religion!

  12. ahem,

    i have to agree with your last two comments.

    learn. in whatever language. that’s true.

    race-bashing is a work of a moron, i wonder why they don’t blame the entire species of human being.

  13. There is one thing I found interesting having lived overseas for years.

    I found that Malays are really hard to not stay abroad building life (jobs, family and other serious life considerations) as compared to Chinese and Indians. This may indirectly be because of the nature of Malaysia, where everything is easy for Malays to get back home and not for them (debatable). But in general term, I think that would be the first reason coming out if we ask our fellow friends.

    Anyway my point is that putting aside the first probable reason as I lined in the previous paragraph, I think that most Malays are less likely to stay back after studies (just a oversimplified example of my argument) and build responsibilities overseas. What this may cost us? I do not know myself. Probably higher standard of quality for example English-speaking surroundings etc.

    There are great Malaysians from any races. It is just too bad that because of politics, rakyat eventually are torn in between the clashes. Right now I do not know which side to choose. I am a Malay but I do not want to disregard my friends from other races. But the politics back home give me the impression and pressure that I have to choose. Bad brainwashing. It does not have to be this way.

  14. Dear all,
    Minus the idea Mukriz is from UMNO, a politician, a Malay etc. his bold proposal is a good move. All politicians should stay away from hijacking this idea for political mileage and let the ordinary rakyat decide for themselves (really we got brains you know). May I add more to Mukriz’s proposal: 1)Add Mandarin & Tamil as a language paper which carry marks so that the students will be serious in taking up the subjects. 2) Convert, not close , all vernicular schools to become fully-aided government schools 3)Drop all public prayers in school sessions which non-muslim parents felt left out 4) Redesign our school uniforms with no elements of religion/race 5)Headmasters/teachers must be promoted on merits 6)Jawi only for religious classes and BM should be given prominence 7)Have a good mixture of Halal canteen foods for all races 8)Get more English tutors to brush up our teachers’ command 9)Any racial hatred should be stopped promptly 10)Redeploy all teachers to schools with a good mixture of all races 11) Politicians stay away, give the students a break

  15. You are wrong if you said the caurse of the disunity is because of our education system.

    The main problem making Malaysian not united is Politician leader its self, they should be change.

    In this world we should learn more than one language to allow to communicate worldwide. (English, Mandarin, Tamil) so important now a day.

    Who stay in Malaysia, should proud, coz you can learn all this language. beside Bahasa Malaysia.

  16. Education is to input into the empty mind to make it an open mind.

  17. harlequin,

    I think the reason why some stayed back, while some chose to flew back home after graduation is really a personal issue. Malays, Chinese, Indians here in Ireland especially they have set goals and sort of have already decided on what are their targets and where is their destination next after finishing study. So to say that non-Malays don’t favour returning home due to some obstacles in pursuing career is hyperbolic, at least it doesn’t happen in medical profession, coz m’sia need every single Malaysian doctors available all around the world.

    Though I recognize the language barrier issue there. Even myself sometimes tired of speaking English to my Irish friends. Nak je cakap B.Melayu dengan diorang.. =)

    Political party is just a mean to achieve common goals, we forgot the goals we end up politicking. Don’t choose, just contribute.

    SW Lee,

    What more can I ask from you.. very good points to ponder.. I agree 1000%.. glad to have people like you on board.


    We will change politicians with another set of politicians, the fact that they are politicians is unchanged. We need not politician, we need leadership.

    Ex neutral,

    short and sweet.

  18. Hi all,
    One of the earlier comments atrracted me to have a discussion. It was:

    “Malay is fine as a language of unity and communication. But as a language for science and maths, it is too slow. They need to speed it up a fair bit – by 50%. Otherwise the practitioners in that language will think too slowly and in the world of the Internet, we can’t afford that.

    Eg Try counting 1 to 10 in Malay at top speed. Did your tongue trip over each other? In Chinese, we can do it in 1/3 the time because the tone sequence is smooth from one number to the next and each number requires one syllable only. A Malay, Moktar Mansor, taught me that.”

    Nice theory of yours, pywong, but Mokhtar Mansor’s theory is part of helping some to move forward in maths. Otherwise, it has been a compulsory practice in schools. Pronouncing it and counting it a different ball game. If we are at race, perhaps, it should be considered, but are counting in exam is a race? In exams yes, whether it is numerical, counting or theories, we race against time to complete the papers, but with proper and precise answers, not speed by itself.

    If the argument of speed, then we should have a way of cutting short long and thick notebooks (even for medicines) for us to study without having reading it in full and proper sentences. And a syllabus of speed writing and speed reading should also be introduced in schools, so that we can learn at faster speed. Right? 🙂

    I’m an accountant by profession, but it doesn’t really matter whether I can pronounce it fast or slow. What’s the use of speed, if the financial reports given got turn upside down. Can you imagine, if National Budget is given by full speed in the Parliament?

  19. Blog yg menarik..sy akan subcribe rss anda

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