Muftis under fire? (Ref – Malaysiakini)


‘Short hair, who cares. Stupid fatwas everywhere!!’

So the chants were heard in KLCC vicinity few days ago. In response to latest fatwa ruled by National Fatwa Council barring any act of Tomboy by girls or famously known as Pengkid.

Quoting from one of the demonstrator who categorically labeled this fatwa as a ‘crap’ coming from a group of people that misuse the power and picked on women as to benchmark the moral of the community. According to Malaysiakini, this demonstration was organised by Katagender, a gender activist groups that specifically fight for gender equality and a group called Food-Not-Bombs.

In another coverage also by Malaysiakini, Ivy Josiah, activist from Women Against Opression (WAO) expressed her uttermost disappointment on this issue. She claimed that Muftis or organization alike are trying to impose some degree of control of women choices and to a certain extent women’s life. Referring to a news on incentives offered to man for marrying a single mother, she told Malaysiakini, that is humiliating to women.

Fatwas are guidance to Muslims as how they should conduct their lives in a manner that is approved by Islam. From my observations, in all 2 videos posted here, I can say that non muslims might misunderstood the section of community the fatwa has its power upon. Since, majority of those who protest are non muslims, and Ivy Joisah herself is not Muslim too.

There are certain ways, according to any religion women should conduct, behave, or present themselves in community, so as for males. I guess this fatwa issue must be cautiously discussed as it involves religion. What is seriously lacking now is there is no mechanism to educate and to inform the people the rational behind the production of this fatwa.

What say you?


13 responses to “Muftis under fire? (Ref – Malaysiakini)

  1. Man playing GOD. Shocking is that these men may themselves be a long way from being exemplary, going by the nature of the fatwa issued.

    We would like to hear of fatwa on more relevant issues which promote good governance and civility. Have they issued anything on political corruption or corruption in general, racial and sexual discrimination,etc.

    In fact, I see them as a racist and sexist group of people who themselves discriminates. Thay should issue fatwa on themselves, that they must stop their nonsense right away.

    RRR:this is not the issue of man playing God. You should check who muftis are, and how do they be elected as muftis. With regard to corruption, racial, and sexual discrimination, no fatwa needed because it is clearly indicated in the quran that those actions are forbidden. Fatwas will only be issued on ambiguous issue.

  2. Fatwas are for Muslims to comply.Non muslims have no business commenting or interfering.U still dont get it.U want to see us as racist and sexist you watch your mouth.No man can play God.Muslims are servants of Allah.Ang Wee kiong stay away from interfering with Islam rules .You do not have to comply one single iota becos you are not a Muslim.Ivy, still never learn after all these years ,still you want to intefere with Islamic affairs.The bespectaled person on TV tube,practice what u want but dont comment on the Fatwa counncil in a denigratory remark.
    Ruzaimir,tks for the comments.

    RRR: arjun, the pleasure is mine. many thanks to you for dropping by

  3. one tight slap!

    RRR: siapa makan cili, terasa pedasnya

  4. Fatwas are for Muslim to comply and its noting to do with non muslim. So just shutup and carry on with your life.

    RRR: thanks putra bertam

  5. those muftis are most likely a pervert themselves.

    RRR: mufti is chosen from a group of highly respectable religious scholar/leader, which automatically rules you out of the selection process

  6. Agree Ruzaimi. A lot of misunderstanding among non-Muslims I saw in the first video. Even, say, if this fatwa was state-enforced, it wouldn’t apply to them. (Though, if it were state enforced, there should be protest by Muslims and non-Muslims… non-Muslims because it’s a waste of their tax money, Muslims because the state should mind its own business.)

    Muslims illiterate in their religion don’t understand fiqh, its scope and methods, let alone non-Muslims. It’s something I only began to appreciate recently. And even if explained, it is only pertains to the outward dimension of Islam; a three dimensional explanation is needed to put in context this outward dimension.

    In the U.S., where Muslim academics are forced to communicate Islam in a setting of sceptics, there are some interesting books. I recommend two I’ll link below. First the Vision of Islam, which explains Islam in the 4 dimensions of practice (outward, horizontal dimension), faith (vertical dimension), spirituality (dimension of depth), and history (4th dimension of time), otherwise known as islam, iman, and ihsan in our tradition. Second is the book, The Tao of Islam, which explores the gender question in Islam using concepts from Taoism. Latter book is written by a Japanese scholar on Islam. I highly recommend both. (Personally, the former book, Vision of Islam, is my favourite book… very enlightening.)

  7. Saya mohon semua Jabatan Agama Islam membuat laporan supaya Polis siasat dan hantar laporan kpd Pendakwa Raya agar tindakkan terhadap Sdri Lee Wei San dan Sdri Thalaga yang di laporkan olih Akhbar THE Star kerana menghasut kebencian terhadap Majlis Fatwa, dan mencampuri undang undang Islam yang di patuhi olih Orang berugama Islam.
    oA kamu kurang ajar dan biadap terhadap Mufti kami ! Orang saperti kamu tak layak hidup hirup udara di Malaysia.
    arjuna waspada.

  8. Ini adalah senarai orang yang membantah Majlis Fatwa:.Katagender, Food Not Bombs : Cheneille Neo Ming Yi, Dahlia Martin, Eugene Ch’ng, Lainie Yeoh, Lee Wei San, Lee Jia Hui, Leow Mei Chern, Mohd Rizman, Nurul Amani Faizal Poodien, Puan llli Farhana, Puan Azreen Madzlan, Shikeen Arif, Thilaga Sulathireh, Wan Azhar Bin Wan Ahmad Wong Chai Yi, Yusmar Mohd Yusof and Zedeck Siew Angela Kuga Thas Julian Lee.(sumber Malaysiakini)
    Jabatan Agama Negeri Jakim harap maklum.
    arjuna waspada

  9. This is amazing. Man protecting a group of Men. Wow. I wonder why people need God then. And the core of the issue is still not solved. Women. Their role in society?

    Fatwa for Muslims only? Excuse me, a lot of non-muslim mak nyahs were also affected by the very stigma coming out from the council since 1983’s fatwa on transsexuals.

    It is sad that when everyone is attemping progress and discovery of the diversed creations of God, some folks just prefer to go backwards into their closet of prejudices.

  10. Salam n selamat sejahtera to all.

    I am a Muslim. I agree with Yuki in his/her 2nd paragraph. As I can vividly remember, there was an issue as what Yuki said. Years ago a non-Muslim couple were caught by pegawai Pejabat Islam when they were kissing around KLCC area during daylight. So yes, I do agree that maybe this particular fatwa of pengkid does not really imply (yet) to non-Muslims.

    The thing is, come on, how do we expect a fully working national system if we, as Muslims, keep shooing and shutting people up when they ask questions about Islamic law and stuffs? We are heterogenous, not like Arab countries where obviously 99.9% of the populations are Muslim. To say the least to my fellow brothers, isn’t it against dakwah to shoo people away?

    To my fellow non-Muslim friends, please do not look at this fatwa issue as though it is really targeting the wrongdoings of the ladies. This instruction is already clear-cut inside the Quran already, and I myself wonder why now they issue a fatwa on that as well, somehow redundant with the instruction in the book. Beside, it sparked a lot of opinions from both ways. Actually, at least on personal level, I do not think that these Muftis are really going to enforce the Islamic law like Arab Saudi where moral policing is kinda exaggerated there.

    It is true that opinions from the non-Muslim ladies/pengkids, to some extent, are not necessary because they have all reasons in the world to be like they want to be as the law would not affect them. However, coming back to my first statement that they might be mistakenly caught, I thought that they could easily bail themselves out of court etc. And moral policing, as it is not that strict in Malaysia, I thought would not really cause a problem to Muslim pengkids, too.

    Many Muslims are still afraid of themselves. They thought that the external causes of their divergence from the religion are more powerful than their inner carnal desire. This is not true. I would say it is a paranoia in totality. It is supposed to be the other way around. Inner repelling force should deter any extra desire to diverge. It is self-empowering ability called “Iman” in our religion. However, I thought that many of the things dwelling around Islam is not really the way it is supposed to be, and many Muslims think that they are not like others. Some of us think that we are more superior than the others because we were promised Heaven in the hereafter. I choose not to stick to this believe because no one is superior to each other. Adding that, I would not “hurt” the non-Muslims. Hurting is a broad spectrum on one end of shutting up and say what not to the non-Muslims, to the most extreme example of taking lives which is absolutely, blatantly stupid on the other end. The concept of religion is to make human go forward and civilize ourselves, obviously not to go backwards killing others based on religious misunderstandings.

    To arjun waspada and putra bertam: I don’t think they are interfering. Just voicing up opinions instead. Why on earth can’t one person voice out his/her opinion? Do not give the impression that Islam is a religion that does not promote thinking, alright? Yes I know what you are going to say next. If there are such limitations, please let them (and me) know where to stop. Give us the real hukum from Al-Quran that says we cannot voice out opinions, because every laws in Islam comes with reasons (therefore promote thinking not just blind obedience). And do not bullshit saying things out of opinions, because in practicality we are indifferent then in virtue of voicing opinions if you do so.

    To oA: However, oA belongs to the same group as arjun and putra. Jumping into conclusion is the least thing that we would want to do, especially in the world where evidence-based and empirical values are highly respected across this civilised world. Why pervert? That was so random and not funny at all. Not because I am on the side of the muftis (I am neutral now) but because of your action that did not show an adult’s behaviour. You do not care, right? Well I don’t care that you don’t care.

    Come to think of it, it is probably not the earth that is going to blow up on us and bring us to oblivion someday. But us, as human, that tried to differentiate ourselves so stupidly to the point that war is the first, one and only treatment for indifferences. Way to go, us!

    The bottom line: Love, share and no hatred. Smile, greet and no paranoia. Live the joy of this lifetime that we are living. It is not difficult at all.

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  12. Honey Tan Lay Ean dari NGO EMPOWER tidak setuju dengan Majlis Fatwa yang keluarkan Tatwa untuk di amali olih Orang ISLAM sahaja.
    Kenapa dia ni tak faham lagi ?
    Tidak ada siapa wanita Islam Muslimah yang mewakilkannya untuk berforum dengan Menteri Zahid Hamidi bagi pihak orang Islam.
    Sia sia saje orang Islam puas beri nasihat yang berhemah,santun dan nada yang lembut.
    Masih nak cabar?
    Bila kita nak keluarkan Fatwa saje terus lenting sebut Hak ASASIi Manusia rights konon.
    Hak Islam macam mana ?
    Dia Honey Tan sorang saje ada hak?
    Kalau nak bersuara dan memberi pandangan, itu hak semua orang .
    Pilih lah tajuk apa saja di bawah matahari yang terang.
    Ini kan Negara demokrasi, cakap aja.
    Sekurangnya kita tahu hati anda menyimpan macam hasrat.
    Tapi masuk campur Agama Islam terlebih lagi undang Islam untuk Orang Islam bukan hak anda.
    Orang Islam tak pernah komen apa pun berkait dengan agama anda atau hak anda untuk beragama.
    Tapi Honey Tan anda gemar masuk campur hal Agama Islam.
    Memang lah Islam ada cinta bagi menagi yang hak tidak ada kebencian terhadap orang orang lain.
    Memang tak susah untuk mendekati hidup dengan cara orang Islam.
    Semua orang bolih senyum dan bersalaman.
    Tapi jangan masuk campur hal ehwal Majlis Fatwa.
    Senang Kan..
    arjuna waspada

  13. hi rrr(my senior in jasin)

    great topic. well, nothing much to say, but for me, the root of this problem is the understanding of what islam is all about. im really looking forward to have a leader, who can explain what is islam to everyone.

    It need to be done because majority of malaysians are muslims and even muslim it self need to be reminded ( we call it Islah or reminder for muslims and Da’wah which means spreading the message and explanation to the non muslims ).

    We are lacking of that kind of person nowadays. Dont just rely on Jabatan Agama as they are also being controlled by the government. Please please n please, explain to all malaysian people. Go back to the basic of islam it self which promotes peace and harmony.

    After more than 50 years of merdeka, we are still confuse about the religions in our country. And how far it can be discussed.

    To all non muslims, dont worry, islam are meant to help and not to burden anyone including you guys. believe me. There will always be a rational explanation in all matters. Let us put out ego aside and help each other.

    Believe me, if we dont have a leader who can clear this mess, another few years coming, islam is no longer “agama rasmi” and malaysia will be no longer peace like it used to be.

    Salam Sejahtera

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