… but Obama went on becoming first black President of America. Ref-Malaysiakini


obama_4color_omarkObama won, as expected, as simple as that. What are the signs that Obama was going to win this race hands down? The bookies stopped the betting on Obama or McCain, and started paying the winners money long before election day. That sign should be enough. Polls are varying between each other, most leaning towards Obama, there are some which showed McCain leading, however the most important poll is the election.

From Times Square to Honolulu, from Kenya to a small town named Obama in Japan, cheers and jubilations are much felt. Brown congratulated Obama, Anwar congratulated him too with few reservations of course, but most of all Kenyans enjoy a national public holiday to celebrate first Kenyan-born American president.

Congratulations Obama, u showed Americans change they can believe in, you gave them hope, they had given you their trust, the pressure is on you now. World is watching you. Don’t go and have long posh holiday like how Nicolas Sarkozy did after being elected as president of France.

I wonder if McCain will do a headhunting trip to lure democrats froggies to crossover to Red campsite and declare himself as President of America once he has enough majority.


4 responses to “… but Obama went on becoming first black President of America. Ref-Malaysiakini

  1. “to celebrate first Kenyan-born American president” So someone aside from a kook American lawyer knows about this..?

  2. thanks for dropping by patrick…

  3. Americans don’t simply choose a president just because he’s black
    They merely exercise democracy and elect who they think is best
    In exercising their basic fundamental rights there is no slack
    After the big election they still put the president to the test

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 061108
    Thur. 6th Nov. 2008.

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