Najib’s coming out of the shadow – Ref Malaysiakini

As I’m writing this article, Najib Tun Abdul Razak needs 6 more nominations to go uncontested as President of UMNO. So far his closest contender is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah with one nomination from his own division, UMNO Gua Musang.

Najib for so long has been a man behind shadows of many. He is loyal and very patient. His political steps are manouvered cautiosly, always with a calculated risk. Despite many allegations and bombshells being thrown not only to him, but his wife and son, in attempt to morally disqualifying him from the premiership post, Najib still standing firm and tall. With perseverence, he weathered the storms in his own giganormous tea cup.

Najib was the youngest MP to be elected those time when he continued his father, Tun Abdul Razak tenure in Pekan constituency. Pekan and Najib’s family is a relationship that is so strong, even when most of UMNO Parlimentarians are losing majority in their respective constituencies, but Pekan’s majority increases for Najib. 

As a senior cabinet ministers in the Tun Mahathir’s administration, Najib deserves to be considered as Tun Mahathir’s replacement to succeed him as the 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia. Instead, Mahathir chose Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who was once one of team B leaders with Rais Yatim and Tg Razaleigh Hamzah, except Abdullah stayed in UMNO baru, he did not ditch UMNO to join Semangat 46. But Najib put all his disappointment, resentment aside, while concentrating on his new role as the second man to Abdullah. In his mind, he knew that the premiership will sooner or later being passed down to him. Thus, he chose to be Abdullah stongest supporter ever since.

After a landslide victory in 2004, Abdullah administration was struck by a politial tsunami in 2008, it caught everyone by surprise, especially Abdullah. Mukhriz dropped the first bombshell to Abdullah requesting him to step down as being responsibe for the historical loss by UMNO in General Election. UMNO lost 5+1 states to newly formed Pakatan Rakyat, led by another Prime Minister in waiting, Anwar Ibrahim. Najib did not follow suit.

Despite strong words by Tun Mahathir urging all UMNO leaders and members to displace Abdullah as soon as possible which then led to Tun’s departure from UMNO baru which was founded by him. Nevertheless, no signs of retaliation or coup de etat by Najib’s team to Abdullah presidency. Abdullah is safe for now, his general is not planning to oust him prematurely. Again, Najib is playing safe, he knew he is almost there, what is needed now is just a lil bit more patience. Furthermore he does not need to fly off to Taiwan to lure MPs to become a Prime Minister, he just have to wait and be patient. He is in no hurry for 16 September deadlines or whatever.

Did his decision to stand firm behind Abdullah upset Tun Mahathir? Only Najib knows, he met Tun Mahathir after much hoo-haa about him not being permitted by Abdullah to go and see Tun Mahathir, shortly after the end of 12th General Election.

The closer he gets to power, the more attacks he’s getting from all sides including from another Prime Minister aspirant, Anwar Ibrahim. One attack after another, Najib is thrown with allegations of so many scandals involving him, his wife, his son, his aide and almost possibly anyone linked with Mohd Najib Abdul Razak. The dirtiest one I would categorically say is the doctored picture of him performing Hindu ritual by Raja Petra’s Malaysia Today web portal.

Though, no lawsuits filed against any of those involved in tainting Najib’s image black, Najib is not going to follow YB ‘T’ footsteps here, 100 million here, 30 million there and another 10 million somewhere else. Najib is not into suing business. Oppositions will play this lawsuit tactic as an act to clean tarnished name and image (if the lawsuit is filed by them against anyone else), and otherwise will be seen a an act to cover up and shows guilt (if the lawsuit is from BN leaders). That’s how it goes, so better not sue.

Some might argue that this Prime Minister in waiting is a man of his own mind, even Tun Mahathir suggested the same. Some might even go to the extreme suggesting he is a puppet Prime Minister planted to materialize greeds and visions of those man or women behind the curtains.

Najib has forever being put behind the shadow, much by his own decisions anyway. He is now about to emerge from those shadows and reveal himself to the world. I’m not going to comment on his capabilities as Prime Minister. Even a guy as inexperienced as Obama is leading the polls in United States over a retired Army, retired Grandfather, Senator John McCain who will probably see Obama at the level of his grandson, not the level of his son. Najib has over 30 years track record and experience wise he’s the best UMNO can offer at the moment.

One thing for sure, Najib’s patience will pay. God’s Willing, he will become Malaysia’s next Prime Minister, continuing the legacy of his father, Tun Abdul Razak, Malaysia’s second Prime Minister. This time the gameplan will not be to wait and see anymore because there’s no more shadow to hide behind, Najib is the one who will be the shadow to lend shades to more Prime Minister in waiting down the line. Enough wait, now it’s time everyone will see Najib’s real self.

As I ended writing this article, Najib still need 6 nominations, but nothing to be worried, if he can wait for tens of years to reach the top, what is the wait for 6 more UMNO division nominations which will come sooner rather than later. 



One response to “Najib’s coming out of the shadow – Ref Malaysiakini

  1. Very confident of the succession. But it is all in the hand of God. He cannot run away from all allegations or it will be a burden that he will carry and possibility of his downfall. He has to clear all those mudslinging accusations, as it is only UMNO people nominate him but majority Malaysians don’t trust him. Only God knows, we plan but God decides. Good luck Malaysia.

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