Not enough with all the allegations, now they make Najib a Hindu.

Malaysiakini doesn’t report this yet, but Malaysia Insider did with headline ‘Anti-Najib campaigns turn racial‘. Why? It is reported that Malaysia Today published a doctored photo depicting Najib as Guruji performing a Hindu ritual. This is a continuation of allegation by a driver’s Statutory Declaration which was also being published in Malaysia Today not long time ago amidst the heat of Permatang Pauh by-election. Najib previously swore on the name of Allah (Muslim God) that he did not know Altantuya in one of his campaign speech in Permatang Pauh.

Ever since the talks on Najib taking over as Prime Minister started, the attacks on his reputation has been coming in like there’s no tomorrow. No one is spared, the attacks include Rosmah, Najib’s wife, and recently his son came into picture too (with pictures). This time the Gerakan Anti Najib (GAN) people distributed Najib’s son pictures with few hot girls, hence they deducted that Najib’s son is allegedly as playboy as Najib. Therefore they think that they had finally have a justification to link Najib with Altantuya, a Mongolian Model.

The GAN’s have been in top gear ever since, moreover with Abdullah resigning come this March. They know that time is running out for them, Najib must be taken down, whatever it takes. Hmm, this kind of action resemblances the attitude of another ambitious veteran politician who will do whatever it takes to ultimate power.

Najib now is famous for nothing but all the wrong reasons, his confidante Razak Baginda was accused of being the invisible hands behind the high profile murder of Altantuya Shariibu, with two more special ops police. And the murder is closely linked to another allegation of mismanagement in purchase of submarine Scorpene. Najib was the Defence Minister when the purhase took place. Owh ya, Tian Chua published a ‘doctored’ picture of threesome dinner between Altantuya, Najib and Razak Baginda. So much from a ‘credible’ person like Tian Chua (note that he lied about Pakatan’s 16th Sept plan).

Then came Saiful Bukhari Azlan to his office, to meet up with a friend who worked as Special Officer to Najib. Subsequently, Najib is pulled into this mess of Sodomy II accusation on Anwar. The GAN’s would be happy to think that Najib is the mastermind behind Sodomy II. The young chap who claimed Anwar ‘got his back’ went to Najib to seek for his advices. Then came the revelations of SAC Rodhwan, and many more names exposed by Mr. Know-it-All Raja Petra Kamaruddin. All with the same purpose, to discredit Najib and to clean up Anwar’s name.

Altantuya case is now in court waiting for the judge decision. Sodomy II trial is now taking place too. It is against the law of the land to speculate, to propagate any propagandas on cases that is now a court case. GAN’s can’t let Najib away easily, it will not be easy ride for Najib to premiership. Moreover when the UMNO divisions nominations for Presidency is looking in favour of Najib.

They brainstormed amongst themselves, then they came out with a blog ( What a nice way to indoctrinate and propagate their allegations in this cyber world.

The latest is Eurocopter deal which Malaysiakini quickly to report it as ‘shady’ deal here, after 5 pages letter from Kapten (B) Zahar, from Mentari Services Sdn. Bhd. For the record, Mentari Services lost it’s bid to supply 30 Kazan MI-172 to Ministry of Defence to replace Nuri. Hence I take it as big ‘sour grapes’ from Kapten (B) Zahar. The GANs see this as another bullet to shoot down Najib’s pursuit to Putrajaya. The took it and again directed it straight to Najib with help from GANs representatives in Parliament.

Bear in mind that, Kapten (B) Zahar is the losing party, and he has every single right to be disappointed and feeling dejected. But to take his personal grievance to as national issue is way beyond the wildest imagination. Yes it’s true he can supply bigger quantity of choppers at a much lower price as to compare to just 12 Eurocopters Cougar 725. The important question is, does Ministry of defence think 30 Kazans can match up 12 Eurocopters? Do 30 Kazans meet up and fulfil MoD requirements to bolster our country’s defence line? It’s not like you are telling the MoD personnel, buy one Kazan you’ll get another for free, hence Mod will buy it. That’s not how it works. From my research, i found that Kazan suits for civil, transporting missions, while Cougar 725 can be used for military, attack missions as well.

PAC is looking into the Eurocopter deal anyway, so ACA is not going to open an investigation paper on it as yet. GANs were succesful in their attempts to discredit Najib to a certain extent. They did give Najib few rounds of headaches but the GANs think more needed to be done, but they maybe ran out of ammo.

They knew for a fact that Malaysia Today once published an SD accusing Najib for performing Hindu rituals. Therefore they resorted to this utterly desperate, disgusting and disrespectful act. How? Simple, they make Najib a Hindu.

Malaysia Today is doing them a favour by publishing it in their web, Mr. Know-it-all or reliably-informed RPK must be smiling in Kemunting, while eating what Teresa Kok claimed as ‘dog food’ (eggs, rice, cucumber and curry sauce).

I’m not really a big fan of Najib, but I just think that the GANs gone overboard this time with their modus operandi. Najib’s father Tun Abdul Razak is a great statesman and his role was pivotal in building Malaysia the way we are living today. I hope Najib will at least bring back Tun Abdul Razak’s legacy should he be elected as Malaysia’s sixth Prime Minister. Why i say should he be elected? Because there’s another GAN aiming for that seat too, and he’s doing whatever it takes to kick Najib out of his way. Who that GAN is, I don’t have to spell it out here for you, I’ll be insulting your intelligence if I do so.


8 responses to “Not enough with all the allegations, now they make Najib a Hindu.

  1. RPK tu, lawyer Shafie punya kes pun belum selesai.

    Nordin Kardu punya kes lari tak mahu bayar.

    Tapi ratusan orang hari2 pi pasang lilin nak jadikan dia simbol kebenaran konon.

    Dia orang ni bodoh ke gila?

  2. [deleted on request by the commenter]

  3. OOooppps, I commented using my mom’s id! That’s me above!!

    RRR: It’s taken care of, thanks for dropping by

  4. zahar,

    Rpk has his fanatics, and beware in this cyber world, rpk fanatics are at large, you might be the target for next stat dec based on rpk ‘reliable informer’..


    Thanks for dropping by.

    Well i can’t say it is the work of pkr people, but i can tell u for sure that tian chua did fake the threesome dinner pic in paris, and he lied about 16th sept plan too.

    I wonder why najib doesn’t react, say if pr people is the one in of this fake picture, america should have issued a warning statement to bn gov by now..

    Anyway, your mother can also leave comment here, most welcomed.


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  6. rostam alauddin

    well people who did this are brainless like a pig!!

  7. this is wrong.. najib is not a hindu person.

  8. Oranglamainternet

    Salam Ummah…

    Pastilah gambar ini adalah palsu… kerana saya juga mempunyai kebolehan mengeditkan serta menukar wajah seseorang kepada orang yang lain.

    Harap Maklum….

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