Weapon of Mass Deception and Mother of all Bluffs

The Nut Graph is an independent Malaysian news site, which aim to provide space for columnists and reader comments from as broad a political spectrum, and from as many sectors of interest, as possible.

Believing the fact that one cannot draw the big picture if one don’t see all the parts of the elephant in front of oneself. The Nut Graph team believe that both politics and popular culture provide us indicators about the health of our democracy and the directions we may be heading in as a nation.

Hence The Nut Graph tagline: “Making sense of politics and popular culture


Firstly, let me clarify the title of this article is not my opinion towards this online news site, however, it is directly linked to one of the latest article posted in The Nut Graph. So, I’m doing a bit of advertising for TNG so that my action of copying and pasting the article in my blog will be justifiable.

The article i’m talking about is written by Ooi Ying Nee, entitled Mass of Cotradictions: Taking stock of Pakatan Rakyat’s Conflicting Claims. And the title for this blog above is my version of Ying Nee’s article’s title – should she ask me to help her think of the suitable title for her article.

You can read the article here

Meanwhile, I’ll summarize the main points from the article and try to add up few personal comments to it. I found this article interesting for two reasons. One, It is consistent with my view that no crossovers actions can morally and ethically justify a coup de etat on any Federal Government, and secondly, this article shows that the opposition is not concentrating on substance, instead just playing rhetorical politics to the max.

Excerpt from Ying Nee’s article is pasted in red, and my comments will be in black.

“YOU can hardly tell what’s really going on with Pakatan Rakyat these days. The leaders of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), DAP and PAS, who form the coalition, seem unable to stick to a common line, even when it comes to supporting opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s grab for power.”

Well in this case, not only they can’t stick to a common line, they don’t seem to be able to stick to a common lie too.

“This admonishment came in the wake of the 24 Sept incident where Anwar was forced to admit he was unaware of talks between intermediaries of PKR and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, as announced by the party’s information chief Tian Chua a day earlier.

A red-faced Chua tells The Nut Graph that he had erred, saying he “should have checked with the party” before making such a comment to reporters.”

I could still remember quite clearly Tian Chua’s boastful statement, his full of confidence face (before turning red) prior to his departure to Taiwan to poach BN MPs into PR’s pocket. Surely this slipped of his tongue is going to draw curiosity from the people of his and his party’s credibility.

Oh, there are few PAS youth leaders (junior MPs i suppose) came out with statement that they are seeking audience with YDP Agong, the hopefuls, non believers and on-the-fence observers, were told that no effort to seek audience with the King took place. My take on this, they got a little bit too excited with this so called ‘plan’ to topple the government, hence they didn’t really think of what came out from their mouth.

TNG put up this image to portray too many heads in PR’s pursuit to Putrajaya.

In Greek mythology, the Lernaean Hydra (Greek: ([Λερναία Ὕδρα]) was an ancient nameless serpent-like chthonic water beast that possessed numerous heads— the poets mention more heads than the vase-painters could paint— and poisonous breath (Hyginus, 30). Its lair was the lake of Lerna in the Argolid, though archaeology has borne out the myth that the sacred site was older even than the Mycenaean city of Argos, for Lerna was the site of the myth of the Danaids. Beneath the waters was an entrance to the Underworld, and the Hydra was its guardian (Kerenyi 1959, p. 143).

Hydra is also believed to have a poisonous blood (wikipedia)

Yee Ning further elaborated on the impact this inconsistencies might have on ‘future PR government’.

“The differences in opinion and the shifting positions may be a signal of division within the loose opposition coalition, and, perhaps, even a showcase of its unreadiness to form government.

If its leaders can’t demonstrate that they are united in terms of their agenda, how will they present themselves as the alternative to the BN? Or are these discrepancies insignificant, taking into account the change and the new model of politics that the Pakatan Rakyat is trying to bring to Putrajaya?

I couldn’t agree more with her on this issue, but let’s not forget that PM had also made some flip-flop decisions too, the infamous example would be the 12th General Election date. PM Abdullah Badawi likes to play ‘teka-teki’ with us, including his retirement date.

More alarming is the disagreement on the prospect of forming federal government via MPs defections voiced by leaders of other parties in Pakatan. The loudest is from DAP counterparts, while PAS would prefer to stay on the sideline and comment when it is needed the most. PAS itself is split to two groups on the matter of condoning Anwar Ibrahim’s plan or not. Hence, the birth of Erdogan Team and Cikgu Pa’s (PAS Terengganu) Team.

“In line with DAP’s ethos, its chairperson Karpal Singh has said that he is dead set against defections. He was quoted in a 30 March 2008 New Straits Times report as saying: “Parties that form government through crossovers will be looked upon negatively. The party would be full of traitors.”

On 11 Sept, just days before Anwar’s self-declared deadline, Terengganu PAS Commissioner Datuk Mustafa Ali came right out in a Star news report to say that the defection of MPs was not going to happen.

Is this discrepancies significant or not? The main issue is, whether Anwar’s claim is true or not. That will determine and explain why should Opposition put unnecessary drama into Malaysia’s politic, when the only thing they should be doing after GE12 is to concentrate on being a productive opposition rather than staging a coup de etat on the mandate given by the people in recent GE.

After a while, people will start to realize all this talks on defections and crossovers are all political hoo-haa which in return distracted majority of general population from paying attention on the most important thing i.e economic slump and other domestic issue (family, self living standard). Many will see TV9 Hujah’s host Prof Agus as one outspoken political analyst. Here is what he said on this issue.

“Political analyst and head of the political science programme at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Dr Mohammad Agus Yusoff believes that all talk of forming government has disintegrated to mere political rhetoric, mainly because Anwar doesn’t have the number of MPs who will support him.

You can continue reading Ying Nee’s round up of other political analyst on Pakatan’s future predictions should Pakatan want to see two party system materialize in Malaysia. I guess we should stop discussing about possible crossovers for it is such an insult not only to democratic principles in Malaysia, but also our intelligence and capability to think that politician should not jeopardize Malaysia’s economy and political stability for their own greed for power, thinly veiled by the promises and sweeteners offered along the way to power.


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