PR tasting their own bitter medicine, once prescribed to BN Selangor state government.

Temple demolition case again in Selangor.

It looks like only in Selangor hindu temples being demolished, no news of temples being demolished in other states. Ironically, this issue had been played to the most benefit by PR peoples before general election. And it’s fair to say that one of the main reason BN government was brought down is due to the successful PR campaign against the devilish and irresponsible previous government led by Khir Toyo.

I was in Malaysia and had a chance to meet the then Selangor MB. Samy Vellu was outraged that temples being knocked down by the local authorities furthermore with Deepavali was just around the corner. Pak Lah called Samy and Khir immediately to discuss on this matter.

Khir’s explanation when asked in that small meeting which I happened to attend was, the temple is built on private property, any structure built without permission by the landowner is an ‘illegal structure’ regardless whether the structure is a mosque, temple, shrine or even a palace. Pretty straight forward answer from him. Well few months after that, he was booted out of his office. Hindraf was on fire (read: angry)…

Promises were made by PR’s peeps that Hindu temples will be respected and protected and Indians will be given extra attention in order to bring Indians out of poverty line.

Today, few months after the infamous 85% Indian vote swings from BN to PR, which undoubtedly gave Selangor to PR to govern, another Hindu temple is destroyed. Should we call them liar now? Or was Khir telling the truth about too many temples built illegally? Who is telling the truth, and who is capitalizing the most by creating racial tension aimed directly towards previous Selangor state government?

I just couldn’t help but to notice this inconsistencies. Let’s have a look at statements made by PR leaders with regards to this issue. Note that some carried the same tone as previous BN government, and some just don’t know what they are talking about (read: clueless).

YB Zuraidah Kamarudin

When contacted by Bernama, Ampang Member of Parliament Zuraidah Kamarudin said the temple was not supposed to have been demolished and that there were certain procedures which had to be followed, prior to the demolition.

She said the council had demolished the temple without the state government’s consent. (aren’t those councilors appointed by PR government?)

“The Pakatan Rakyat government is very particular about religious issues, including mosques or temples,” she added. (rhetoric?)

YB Ronnie Liu

“State Local Government, Study and Research Committee chairman Ronnie Liu said the state government had issued an order asking all local councils to halt such actions against all places of worship.” (First, is there no one in your office to read the letter for you? And alert you immediately. Or are you bringing the whole office staffs for a holiday in China. Secondly, your reply is similar to BN’s reaction before GE-12)

YB Dr. A Xavier Jayakumar

“Initial investigations by the Selangor government have revealed that the “temple” demolished by the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council was actually a small shrine built on forest reserve land.

State executive councillor Dr A. Xavier Jayakumar said it was misleading to call the structure a “temple”. (shrine or temple, musalla or mosque)

HINDRAF replied.. We challenge Dr Jayakumar and his Pakatan Government to produce the necessary provisions of the state Law that stipulated the necessity of the so-called “format”. To add insult to injury he had the audacity to say this is not a Temple but a shrine. Is he trying to indicate that it was okay to demolish a shrine? How less is a shrine than a temple?? The problem with these politicians is they do not give a damn about the feelings of Hindus and the need to provide and gazette places of worships belonging to Hindus.

YB Manickavasagam

Member of Parliament Kapar says he is resigning as Deputy Liasion Chairman Parti Keadilan Rakyat Negeri Selangor with immediate effect. (Why so hurry to step down? Plus it’s not the party post that you have to give up, it should be your parliamentary seat, that will serve a blow to the current PR government. They made promises they failed to deliver)

S. Manikavasagam is expected to submit his resignation letter to Parti Keadilan Rakyat , Selangor Chief on Monday 29 Oct 2008.

It shows He is serious and committed in upholding the rights of all Human Being. When conveying this message at Kulai last night he says “I’m not like other leaders holding on position despite knowing Rakyat’s rejection” (Well maybe you are a man of your words. You have your own principles and you stand by them)

Manikavasagam disagrees, saying “not registered” is unacceptable as that was the excuse given by the BN government to demolish scores of temples in the state and across the country. (in response to Dr. Xavier’s remark)

YB Zuraidah Kamarudin.. again..

The truth is: the temple was demolished by its own committee to make way for renovation and a facelift. They did this on their own accord and did not consult nor seek approval from the state government.”(note the inconsistencies, first she said council took action against state government directive)


HINDRAF is taken aback with the statement that the MPAJ had ordered the demolition of the Temple without knowledge or directive of the state Government. If the statement of Dr.Xavier is true he should take the most responsible step by lodging police report and insist the police initiate criminal proceedings against MPAJ for their

The statement by Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin justifying the demolition of the temple on grounds of misunderstanding between MPAJ and temple management on renovation works and documentation is another mockery. Is it consistent with good Governance to demolish a place of worship should there be a “misunderstanding”. Would anyone in MPAJ dare demolish a mosque?

Whatever the reasons are, this PR government will taste the bitter medicine. They once were in the attacking position while being opposition. Now they will understand how hard it is to be running the government. They will know now it’s impossible to satisfy all, and what they can do know is damage control. BN government failed to take adequate damage control actions maybe due to continuous attacks by the then oppositions including Hindraf’s threat.

This issue of Hindu temples must be taken seriously. There are more than 500 temples in Selangor, and safe enough to say 30 percent of them are built on private properties. There will be another temple demolished, I am sure of that. The matter is to address the possible controversies before it will be blown out of control by the current opposition. Fair enough to say that you can’t blame them since that’s just what you did when they knocked down temples. Did you give them chance to explain and rectify the problem? I don’t think so. So don’t expect them to be nice to you.

Release HINDRAF 5 now? so that they can teach Selangor PR state a lesson?

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One response to “PR tasting their own bitter medicine, once prescribed to BN Selangor state government.

  1. ni kes kata dulang paku serpih,, sekarang baru la rakyat tahu siapa sebenarnya pr ni. Cakap lebih. teringat pantun mufti perlis, jgn ganti perompak dengan pencuri. Inilah jadinya

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