Let divisions decide on postponement

If ever UMNO wants to bring back the spirit of democracy back alive and kicking in the party, maybe now is the best time that is by giving divisions the power to decide on the postponement of the coming AGM. Nonetheless, the main mechanism of decision making processes in UMNO is still via the supreme council, divisions will appreciate this opportunity to decide for the sake of the party survival.

With due respect to the supreme council members, in order to gain grass root’s confidence and sense of belonging to the party, it’s paramount that they are included in party decision making.

Divisions meeting is just around the corner and this motion of postponement of AGM can be discussed in the meeting, and a secret voting can be taken.

Well, I guess it’s still not too late for the supreme council to rethink and reassess the pros and cons of pushing the date for the AGM to March 09. Plus, there are no concrete explanations by the top leaders on why this action is taken. Yes, indeed there are talks about power transfer, but that’s all that we know about it, nothing but just power transfer.

The last thing that UMNO wants to happen is to let the members feel unwanted, and left out within their own party. So better not leave them forever in the dark..

I guess I’m not alone in this, in fact two candidates for Youth Chief post expressed their concerns on this postponement issue. Check it out here http://malaysiakini.com/news/90509 and http://malaysiakini.com/news/90483.


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