Ada apa dengan 16hb September (2) – Puasa from politicking

Some political observers may say Ibrahim Ali is enjoying his time as Independent MP like no one else business. Why? He is the only lawmaker who decides on the words that come out from his mouth. Without fear from lashes from/of the whip, or scary stare from the opposition leader. He speaks his mind and he enjoys it.

Coming from Kelantan myself, I have some reservations on this so called Indie MP, however I do think that his performance so far this term deserves him a pat on the back. Only for the reasons that I’ve stated above, plus for his latest statement with regards to too much politicking in Malaysia since March 08.

Taken from The Star Online

No politicking during Ramadhan please: Indie MP

KOTA BARU: Independent MP Datuk Paduka Ibrahim Ali is calling for all politicians to reduce politicking during the holy month of Ramadan.

“There is a time for politicking and there is a time for respite. We are now observing Ramadan and we should cast aside politics for now and instead reflect upon the requirements of the month, besides carrying out penance and fasting,” the Pasir Mas MP said.

He said he was aghast at receiving all kinds of SMSes and telephone calls on various political manoeuvres.

“I am not siding with anybody but I feel that during Ramadan, we should stop scheming or trying to outwit political opponents,” Ibrahim told journalists here.

Some might argue that, history showed that Muslims did fight the war during holy Ramadhan, to defeat Islam’s enemy. Therefore, keen supporters will say, such ‘jihad’ (read: coup de etat) is justifiable and must proceed. Well this time I am going to side Ibrahim’s view that I think now Malaysians muslim spend much more time speculating, badmouthing on certain political figures and his/her supporters, spreading lies (read: fitnah), and making unfounded allegations, accusations on things that we understand the least.

It is unusual for me to agree with Ibrahim Ali, but this time, again, he spoke his mind, and it did make sense.

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One response to “Ada apa dengan 16hb September (2) – Puasa from politicking

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