RPK: PAS ‘liwat’ pengundi bukan Melayu

Raja Petra Kamaruddin is deemed to be one of the famous blogger in Malaysia. To some, whatever he writes, they will see it as nothing but the truth. To them RPK is an angel send by God to guide Malaysia out of the messes created by some individuals including him. In his latest article, he put himself in another uphill task when he questioned, criticized and whacked PAS referring the Islamic oriented political party sodomizing the non malays voters to them in recent election. RPK boasted a lot about how huge his balls are, well much to my disgust about him talking about his almost 60 balls, I must admit though, he really speaks his mind even though what he had written up or been ‘reliably’ informed might be completely rubbish!

Yeah, when I say that these PAS types have dull brains because their turbans are too tight and it restricts the flow of blood to the brain, you accuse me of insulting the Prophet. The Sikhs are not offended though. They know however tight their turbans are tied their brains are still very sharp. It is somehow only the Malays who suffer from Tight Turban Syndrome. And need I say more when the actions of these tight-turbaned PAS leaders have proven everything I have said thus far?

RPK in Tahun Meliwat Malaysia article

Well in Pakatan Rakyat now, the scapegoat is PAS after what PAS had done and contributed in recent election. PAS single handedly organized the campaigns to win votes for Pakatan Rakyat’s PKR’s and DAP’s candidates. PKR might have injected ‘some’ cash from it’s de facto wallet to fuel the campaigns but well money can’t buy everything especially the votes. The hardworking campaigners do win the votes. And everybody know PAS members are doing all the dirty jobs at the lowest level. Now they are the scapegoat – for talking to UMNO about Malays and Islam at least in the mind of Raja Petra.

PAS constantly talks about Islam the way Paris Hilton talks about sex. But it is of course only talk, unlike Paris Hilton who has many videos to her credit. Whether they really uphold Islamic principles is another thing altogether. PAS likes to focus on rituals and slogans. Pray, fast, go to Mekah, recite and memorise the Quran, ban lipstick and high heels, have separate swimming pools and checkout counters for men and women, don’t allow men and women to shake hands, wear robes and turbans like Sinbad the Sailor, and whatnot. Then they con the voters into voting for them and then they ask us to bend down so that they can sodomise us. Yes, welcome to Malaysia. This year is Tahun Meliwat Malaysia.

RPK wrote in the same article.

While I think some of RPK’s articles really carry huge weights due to it’s contents and facts but this time when RPK is writing about things regarding Malay unity and Islam, I beg not to take it at face value. I would rather appreciate the technique or his writing skills rather than taking the thoughts that he put in his article seriously.

And someone, maybe TG Nik Aziz’s press aide, must translate this article and few other articles RPK wrote about PAS and Islam, so that TGNA knows that the person he sent a letter to when he was in Sungai Buloh Prison is not even thinking of sending TGNA a thank you card as to reply Nik Aziz’s concern to him. In fact, he replied with cursing PAS – the party led (spiritually) by TGNA

The Federal Constitution of Malaysia does not allow for this. The non-Muslims, of course, knew this all along. That was why many non-Muslims voted for PAS in the recent general election. They knew that PAS is all lip service and that there is no way in hell PAS can turn Malaysia into an Islamic State. The gullible and naïve Malays did not know this though. They thought PAS really meant what it was saying. But PAS is a political party. And politicians never tell the truth. Politicians say what the voters want to hear and then do whatever is necessary for their political survical

Malaysian unity starts with the correction of the huge socio-economical gaps between races in Malaysia, Malay Unity is one of the key factor in bringing the gap closer since improvements in the economies of Malays also means Malaysian economies are benefiting too. Same goes to Indians, the Indians must unite too so that appropriate actions can be taken to address the issues faced by the Indians community collectively and at the same time bringing them out from these whole issues where the big socio-economical gap revolves.

I leave the rest for you guys to comment.


5 responses to “RPK: PAS ‘liwat’ pengundi bukan Melayu

  1. RPK said it very well.

    In 1953 one Ustadz Ahmad Pak Him of Kepala Batas betrayed PAS by joining UMNO.

    In 2008 one Abdullah Ahmad is trying to do the same thing by asking PAS to betray their agreement with PKR & DAP.

    Like father like son !

  2. Aku memang dah lama tak percaya RPK ni

  3. Tak yah ambil pusing pasal dia ni. Aku baca ruangan dia mcm aku baca komik jek. Satu hiburan dan fantasi.

  4. It is wrong to say that the Indians are disunited. Indians are very much united through their culture, tradition, language and ethnicity. Political diffrences are source of disillusionments but not a disunity. Indians are like the frog in btween the rock, will live by any condition. A well seasoned, ancient society, of ours will survive.

    But about Malays I cannot comment on that. However, the talk of Malay unity by Pas and UMNO, should continue if the intentions are sincere and could bring good for the people in whole. If the agenda is to forge power to dominate the non-Malays to be sub-servient, then it wont work the way you think, and the result will be disastrous to both parties, a political suicide, indeed.

  5. RPK have balls?
    I don’t think so. He’s an evolved-humpty dumpty.

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