MH is Malaysian Hospitality

In few hours time, I’m heading back to where my heart is, where my soul belongs and most of all the place that i call home.

I’ll be spending 6 weeks of holiday which i doubt to be the real holiday since I have too many thing to be done, and yet too short time to do all of those things. First thing first, I’ll be spending my time with loved ones first before I started to get going with my lengthy to-do-list.

For the past two years, I traveled back home for summer holiday on different airlines, both of them are not Malaysian Airlines (MAS). This time, I am going to take a ride on MAS from Amsterdam and as it says in the website MH is Malaysian Hospitality.

Well, I do really hope that MAS will make me feel at home before i reach home, as far as I’m concerned that’s my expectation prior to choosing MAS this time and my past experiences with MAS proved that they do live up to the reputation.

So, I’ve been observing Malaysian political situation from far away for long time now, it’s about time to have my first piece of the reality of what’s really happening in Malaysia at the moment. I will feel the heat – both the weather and the politics.

Okay guys, I’m off now – to Malaysia.


5 responses to “MH is Malaysian Hospitality

  1. safe journey boy..

  2. Bon Voyage dude!

  3. yay!!cant wait to see u =)

  4. Had a wonderful journey yesterday on Malaysia Airlines.. The cabin crews are more than helpful, smiles always on their faces, and most of all i did feel like i’m already at home once on board.

    One thing to highlight here, I watched Magazine Asia in one of the channels (in flight entertainment) where the one who was in the spotlight was Idris Jala, CEO of MAS. 2 years ago when Idris took over a rundown MAS – this national pride was living in the shadow itself created long time ago – they are running on a projected loss summing up to USD364million.

    After two years of restructuring, reorganizing and rearranging, Idris Jala turned the loss to profit of USD200million. What a performance. He had a vast experience in management before with Shell but none in aviation business when he took the pilot seat for MAS. He stated his strategies and secrets, all in all he deserved more than pats on his back.. He saved the pride of all Malaysians.. In fact, he himself is Malaysia’s Pride..

  5. Yes, he did well.
    The problem with MAS that there is too many govt involvement in the management of MAS. Look at Newark, Stockholm, Buenos Aires and others routes that the load are low and unprofitable. Look at London, one of the biggest routes for MAS with much load and still make a loss.

    He did well but if you look further, MAS plane is owned by the Government and the plane are being leased back at a cheap rate. so did it really reflect the performance of his management.

    Another factor is the quality of services that MAS now provide. Low quality food (comparable with low cost airline). The reduction in the maintenance of the aircraft and the frequent utilisation of the airframe.

    My advise to MASB is to :

    1. Be independent from government pressure. Be like SIA, British Airways, and avoid became the next Alitalia, Ilberia
    2. Try to be a normal carrier rather than becoming “a Budget 5 Star carrier” look at Silverjet, Maxair, Oasis and others. The all when bust. make use of the cabin services rather than pin them down.
    3. Try to persuade Air France to let you in the Skyteam, it will definitely improved the load and will improve MAS connectivity in the world routes.
    4. Drop the A380 order or reduce it as if MAS unable to make a profit on 744 to London, imagine they have to fill the whalejet. Even Japanese carrier are switching to smaller plane like 777 as the current trends is to provided more frequent flight rather than one big flight.
    5. Choose either to be all airbus or Boeing based carrier to make use of Bulk order and maintenance commodities.
    6. Try not to be double standard in the treatment of local and foreign passengers. e.g ticket, upgrade, cabin treatment and etc

    Idris Jala have made a few good choice

    1. Reducing the 747-400 by sell them off
    2. Concentrate on the 777
    3. Ordering 738 to replace the 734. (it about to time as the 734 is older than me although they should go for the 737NG
    4. Order the ATR-120 for Firefly and Mas Wing.

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