Political giants tussles: Malaysians lose

1. An old Malay adage goes like this, “Gajah sama gajah berjuang, pelanduk mati tersepit di tengah-tengah”. Perfect to describe what’s going on in Malaysia’s political situation right now.

2. Some movie/telenovela producers will not agree with a drama which takes too long time to finish and has too many elements of uncertainties in it. Malaysians are enduring and watching one of the longest political drama at the moment. I started from the point in time that nobody else could remember.

3. Does Rakyat really benefit from this power struggles?  Malaysians corridor of power is actually made up of the voice of the Rakyat or the stomach of the politicians? Don’t get me wrong, some politicians are genuine but in this issue, they are not (yet) to show the genuineness and step forward to put a full stop to this episodes packed with speculations, conspiracies, alleged sex scandals, character assassinations and so forth.

4. As much as everyone is enjoying tv shows in their free time, this drama is shown, aired, talked about, gossiped on, and discussed not just during free time, but almost everyday from the first moment the eyes are opened until they closes again at night, just before sleep.

5. As a result from these uncertainties, many investors take a step back and decided to wait and see first before deciding to splash their wealth into Malaysia. They don’t want to deal with current government just to know that they are going to work with another one shortly after that.

6. In my humble opinion, 16th of September is Malaysia Day, and it is not nobody’s day of celebration due to being able to hijack Putrajaya or defend Putrajaya depending on which camps you belong to. For those who doesn’t really belong to any camps (majority of Malaysians), they want to celebrate the day Malaysia was born, the day that when people ask about Malaysia, we will say we consist of Sabah and Sarawak too.

7. Another old saying sounds roughly like this, “habis kuman disembelih untuk diberi makan gajah”. Rakyat are the ‘kuman’ here and leaders are the ‘gajahs’. Meaning that, in the so called fight to champion Rakyat’s voice, the Rakyat is actually facing more and more hardships than ever before.

8. This drama has to end quickly! It’s about time for us Malaysians to ‘watch’ educational tv show on economical plans to guide Malaysia out of global recession which is knocking on our door now, and Malaysians also need to watch some fireworks show to celebrate the days Malaysia is known as Malaysia and NOT the day of success for a certain political camp.

9. Rakyat certainly can’t become the pelanduk sitting in the middle of the gajahs political tussles, because if so, Malaysians lose big time.


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