In brief: Circus in town

1. A circus is a place where a number of performers will showcase their special abilities to cheer up and entertain the audience. My first circus was when I was in primary school, it was Royal London Circus (RLC) held in Taman Sri Cemerlang, Kota Bharu. I remembered going there but quite vividly.

2. Now, the circus is back in town, except this time it’s evertything but RLC. In a circus there will be clowns making jokes to bring the audience to laughters and applauses. Everyone will be entertained by the comedies served.

3. This new circus in town is far more than entertaining, it is to a certain extent dangerously entertaining. Firstly, there are more clowns involved, and also the performances will be much more than before with additional surprises in line.

4. Clowns sometimes tricked us, they performed magic tricks. They pretended to be hurt but they were not. They slammed piano cover on their heads, but actually there’s a hole in the piano where they put their heads safely before slamming the cover. We are tricked, but we are happy! The clowns of the new circus in town is no different from the other clowns, they plan their tricks and they perform it before our naked eyes.

5. The performers are well trained, they practices their stunts well. Some performances such as riding a bike in a globe cage is a very risky stunt, but other performances such as jumping thru a fire ring is nothing but easy. The thing is they are risking their lives to get a big round of applause or maybe standing ovations from the crowd.

6. In many circuses, the ladies performing dress up sexily, but that’s the furthest a circus go when it comes to sexual content of the show. Some might consider that scantly attire while some might not even consider a lady singing in the circus. However, in this new circus in town, they went from parental advisory content to hardcore content in just one go, I heard some clowns are performing some sexual acts. Sigh.

7. Circuses gather performers from all over the world, in this new circus in town I heard the performers are mostly locals, Turks, Americans and Singaporeans. I wonder what language they speak in the big marquee. I am guessing it’s ‘body language’ that they are using.

8. I’ve told you before this new circus in town is anything but ordinary circus. There are more clowns, more performances, dramas and plenty of surprises. The performers line up is not as common too. It is promised to be a great one, but i’m not going to buy it. The big difference in this new circus in town is the audience will be at risk and the clowns will be entertained. Therefore, I am not going!



2 responses to “In brief: Circus in town

  1. Yes, bro, it is a BIG circus. But even if you won’t go to watch it, it will come to your home and you will be forced to watch it.

    I say, we might as well sit back and enjoy the show.

  2. Assalamualaikum,

    The Circus is in KL now but unfortunately time time it is here for good!!

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