Not many conspiracy plot meetings end with kodak moment!

The latest spin in Malaysia’s politic is a deja vu of the ghost of ’98 sodomy. Needless to be introduced, if you are reading this piece, you must have already read reports on latest sodomy-rape claim against our country’s political personality in Malaysiakini or any main stream medias. First, let’s cement this fact deep in our mind – rumors could be from the most reliable internal source possible or just a mere irresponsible fabrication with ill intention. Therefore, rumors can’t be used as evidence.

Harakahdaily: Gambar Saiful dengan tiga menteri, pegawai Najib cetus persoalan konspirasi

Why try to put more spin to this already fast spinning, mind boggling revelation? I see this as an act to dodge the sodomy report against the suspect. Why dodge at first place? The other thing that is disturbing me is, Pan-Islamic Party official tongue – harakah – has also been duped dragged into this matter and it dances in sync with the suspect. Pictures tell thousand words, however in this case it shows nothing but rather harakah’s gullibility.

An excerpt from a comment by photowhore in rockybru’s blog post caught my attention, as quoted below.

I have a picture with Dr M, just the two of us.
You know how I got it. I found myself in his vicinity, and approached him.
“Sir, can I have a picture with you?”
“Sure,” he said.
Click, click, went my friend.
Hey, I look rather close with Dr M, but both of us know that Dr M do not know me at all. There were others there in the room, but you would not know it from the picture.
Hence the pixs of the guy with all the politicians are meaningless.
This observation is trying to suggest that having pixs with someone does not mean anything, at all.
Do Shahrir, Mustapha, Azalina remember the guy? I just think this guy is a photo whore.
I am sure they could be pictures of him with Anwar.
But then again people can conclude however they want.
ps: when i was in washington, i had a pic taken with Bill Clinton.

I’m very critical on harakah only because they are very critical on main stream medias. They published and spin the fact that Utusan, NST, Berita Harian are clearly bias and controlled by government without realizing that their newspaper is all about politics (read: all nice PAS’s and PR’s stories and emphasis on BN’s mishaps) from cover to cover. At least in this case, only part of Utusan is about politics, with some pages dedicated to sport section. I don’t think there is sport section in harakah. Now, harakah also serves as PKR’s stallion defending and adding more spins in favor to PKR in the spirit of fellowship of Pakatan Rakyat.

Quoting from harakah;

Mengejutkan, gambar-gambar yang tidak bertarikh itu menggambarkan ‘perhubungan mesra’ Saiful dengan Menteri Pelancongan, Dato’ Seri Azalina Othman Said, Menteri Pertanian, Dato’ Mustapha Mohamed, Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna, Dato’ Shahrir Abdul Samad dan Pegawai Khas kepada Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Khairil Anas Yusof.

On what earth can they come out with the speculation that the pictures show ‘perhubungan mesra’? I don’t understand why harakah let themselves being put into a situation where the only revelation that they made is their stupidity! This is what happen when the official tongue is used only to serve the political motivation of the party and not the plight of rakyat. My worry is the conservative, die-hard party supporters who only read harakah will be sucked in this political ploy to make government look as bad as possible. I believe government can be made answerable to issues regarding policies and implementation of government plans but not to this random pictures of a guy who happen to be in the vicinity of certain political leaders and he decided to grab his own kodak moments.

Plus, if ever one of those ministers plot this conspiracy, do you think he/she in his/her sane mind would want any sort of evidence to be recorded especially in a form of pictures?! Come on, think Pas members, if you don’t think, other people (read: opportunists) will have a joyride out of your established rapport in Malaysia’s political arena.

Saiful put himself in the bigger picture - source


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Tiga menteri nafi terlibat


10 responses to “Not many conspiracy plot meetings end with kodak moment!

  1. those AI supporter was very stupid.

  2. Syahredzan Johan

    I respect your point of view in this post.

    However, I’d like to disagree with you on one issue:

    You said that you’re critical of Harakah because they are critical of the mainstream media.

    You said Harkah themselves publish wonderful stories about PAS and Pakatan Rakyat, whilst Utusan at least have some other stories on sports and entertainment.

    But I think you forgot that Harakah never claims to be an independent newspaper. It’s the official newspaper for Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS), How can you expect ‘unbiased’ stories from a newpaper that clearly states ‘Untuk Ahli Pas Sahaja’?

    Now, for Utusan Malaysia, it’s a mainstream newspaper. It doesn’t state that it’s circulation is only for UMNO members. Nowhere does it state that it is owned by UMNO, although we all know that it is.

    When you’re a mainstream newspaper, you have no business being blatently bias as how Utusan is right now. You may have your political leanings, but you must try to be as fair as you can.

    Utusan has no business being the Harakah of UMNO.

  3. syahredzan johan,

    thanks for dropping a comment, well for a start i read both utusan and harakah, though i’m not a member of any of those related parties. As a matter of fact, regardless harakah or utusan, i am promoting a journalism or press that challenges the minds of malaysians and not just dishing out gossips, speculations, akademi fantasia kind of stuff to sell their newspapers.

    idealistic as i can be, i wish harakah, utusan or any other medias must have certain reservations towards the side they chose to lean to. Having said that, i didn’t deny the right of pas supporters to have their own newspaper but i defend pas supporters right to not to be dragged into useless debate sparked by irresponsible article published in harakah, vice versa..

    plus, i couldn’t see the relevance of making certain newspaper ONLY to party members since everyone can surf the online version of harakah/utusan thru the web. That advancement automatically defeat the purpose of making a certain newspaper just for party members viewing/reading only.

    thanks syah

  4. 19thmayflower

    so who’s right?

  5. do you know the difference of being a party organ newspaper and a mainstream newspaper which is not a party organ???? of you just play dumb idiot???

  6. islamis,

    for me both of them have to play a fair game. Criticize where they could and not just publishing stories of greatness of their idols, and weaknesses of their enemies.

    do u think i’m just playing dumb idiot when i want both medias to be fair and equal?

  7. Sejak lahir lagi mamat presiden KUD ni UMNO…argue macam mana sekali pun….dia tetap UMNO

  8. uncrowded,

    lama tak nampak,

    selamat bertemu kembali.

  9. Tulisan yang baik dan pengajaran yang bermakna 🙂

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