In brief: Diversions

The only thing that matters is that thing under your pants


1. In Malaysia’s political arena, most unthinkable thing is possible, wild perceptions are truth and many rumors are fact.

2. I don’t really like to use the word tsunami or cyclone to describe how Malaysia’s politic is misbehaving at the moment since these stated natural disasters had claimed countless number of lives, shattered many innocent hearts and destroyed numerous shelters in its’ pathways. Whichever way you see it, it spells DISASTER and that is the least possible outcome that I want Malaysia to be struck with.

3. Another bombshell had been dropped, this time it struck right on top of Pakatan’s camp site. Thus, BN is the automatic suspect.

4. Speaking of diversions, the repeat of the highlight of ’98 (unfortunately, not the ’98 commonwealth games) brings about a few theories of the purpose behind this fresh defamation allegation made to the mastermind of Pakatan, de facto head of PKR.

5. Now, the ghost of ’98 come haunting again, but this time we don’t really know who sends it. Sodomy ’98 ‘gave birth’ to reformasi but what will sodomy ’08 ‘deliver’ this time?

6. One side of a coin tells us that this accusation is made with purpose to taint and bring down the alleged sodomite’s bright political career while at the same time shut the door to Putrajaya indefinitely. So there goes the first theory of diversion that is to use this serious allegation as a tool to outshine and at the same time cloud the potential of the alleged sodomite’s political career.

7. Still on the same side of the same coin, this allegation is also hypothesized as a counter measure by the C4 users who just recently faced a statutory declaration (SD) made by who-else-if-not-RPK.

8. The first counter attack is related to the potential revelation of the crimes of the alleged two masterminds behind ’98 sodomy, by rationalizing that this sodomy report is to prevent the revelation. For me, that’s another theory.

9. However, It’s yet to hear that this allegation is also being used to brush aside fuel price hike headlines from main stream medias and also alternative medias.

10. Another side of the coin tells us that the accused is very good in public relation’s skill vis-a-vis repeat of ’08 sodomy is a very well masterminded action to make him look innocent in the eyes of the rakyat and the current government desperately throwing their last dice to checkmate alleged sodomite.

11. It’s also yet to hear that there is a group of people who strongly believe that the alleged sodomite actually commit the sodomy-rape. Perception-wise, these kind of people don’t exist because at least 49% of rakyat’s perceptions now is not in favor of the government. It’s a pity to lose to perceptions (unfounded truth or non truth) rather than to facts (nothing but truth).

12. Whatever the diversions are, as for me, the alleged sodomite is as still innocent until proven otherwise. Same implies to the alleged C4 users. They are not different in the eyes and mind of a rational Malaysians, they are accused and will shall receive a just and fair trials. In a case where a person doesn’t trust the judiciary system, I believe he/she can opt for an arbitrary trial (pardon my shallow knowledge in law and judiciary – I am already burdened with many medical jargons)

13. Don’t let emotions take control over your judgment and justification, have some trust in our legislative and judiciary system, a nation is not build only by politicians’ brains and wisdoms, but also the rakyat’s trust and amanah.

14. Finally, it goes down to the beef in ‘brief’ (pun intended)

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6 responses to “In brief: Diversions

  1. In Malaysia’s political arena, most unthinkable thing is possible, wild perceptions are truth and many rumors are fact.

    … I agree with your point… There are too many issues/scandals/stories that have been circulating around without the absolute yes or no answer… Everything seems to be rumours or grapevine stories but with a strong weight..

    This new story will give me another puzzling questions… is there any truth in it? The last time we heard about the case, the judges believe that it can happen but the only thing is that the evidence is not concrete enough to put it beyond reasonable doubt…

    Maybe the new story will become more puzzling …. can a 60 year old grandfather really force and sodomize a 23 year (old) young guy?

  2. Salam Ruzaimi,

    Alhamdulillah, your exam is over and I pray you will excel InsyaAllah.
    Welcome back to blogging, Malaysia is abuzz again about Anwar Ibrahim. I am too lazy to comment on it now, let the Police do their work and InsyaAllah the truth will privail.

  3. We can’t change it politically, you are wrong. We will.

    Once this country is run by terms of equal rights, where each citizen play by the rules and regulations of total fairness, then we shall see where the malays will stand.

    Right down at the bottom? Most probably, yes! Not only the non-malays will agree, the whole world would probably agree as well. In fact some malays will agree this as well.

    The only thing that all of us can see, whether you are a Malaysian, or non-Malaysian, is that the malays here will never change. Not now, never will.

    Your level of intelligence and pathetic sense of judgement depict not only how truthfully and incompetently low life beings you are, crawling at the lowest level of the human hierarchy, begging for alms, practically putting all your grotesque clown-butt ugly faces in front of the world, self admitting that even maggots feasting on a pile of dung, looks and sounds much much better.

    You defense on your own race, will not conclude anything, but strengthen the fact that even your pure existence in this very world of civilized human beings, is worse than the thought of having an incest driven rapist over for dinner.

    Ponder upon this, there is no point defending for yourselves, save it. The fact and all the truth speak louder than just stupid farts coming out from your infested mouth fueled by your retarded brain.

    To be honest, how naive you are with your pointless talk, we can see it in every glory in your statement here. In fact by calling you stupid, would be the most insulting thing by being stupid. Have you ever heard of the word opposition?

    Think my friend, if there is no such thing as bravery to challenge the government face to face, why would oppositions be there?

    By now, your retarded brain must be struggling, thinking, hey what is the point of oppositions if they are not effective enough to fight against the government? Good question.

    One word – CORRUPTION.
    The rest of the picture, I will also leave it up to you.

    The real cowards in Malaysia are the group of people who survive under bogus unfair rights, fictional promises which only rat testicles will believe they are true.

    The same group of people who destroying the country with their own social menaces, incest activities, drugs, materialistic punks with brains the size of a chicken shit, etc.

    The same group of people who are spoilt by unreasonable, pointless, total waste of time support from the government. Which even that, on that very constant support, they are still licking their own balls, nursing their injury, shamelessly.

    And still as of yet, presently and logically categorized as the poorest class citizens who only survive by politically sucking other people’s hard earned benefits.

    The same group of people who idolizes external portrayal of physical goodness, but mentally and reality, are bunch of idiotic hypocrites nothing better than a rotting pair of pig testicles. Even the maggots would think twice of devouring such a distasteful crap.

    I am sick and tired of saying this over and over again. I honestly believe, that every single malay individual in this country, within their very heart, and best interests, know where they stand. They know right from the start, that they can’t win in a fair and equal environment.

    Their fictitious pride and ego made them proud of their weakness, never ever have the guts to admit their weaker side.

    And how do you think they survive? By playing dirty. And most of the time, very very dirty. To those malays who are successful, trust me, they are not pure malays. They are even embarrassed by the fact that they are malays.


    Still think and insist malays are for perpaduan? fair? got integrity and dignity?

    The only way to have perpaduan is: you motherf***ker stripe your own babi status and come to term with other races on level playing field – that is what we call a step towards perpaduan!

    We are all Malaysians, why not? What is your problem??????????

    Now the answer to this I leave it to you to think. How you want to think it with your level of stupidity, I have truly no idea.

  4. According to a recent study through secret agency, Nihon Himitsu Oruganitsum Bureau, shows that malays were descended from the hybrid between hog/boar and baboon, hence explains why they look like baboon and they don’t eat pork.

    Our latest DNA analysis confirmed the fact.

    The Japanese, Europeans etc, all eat pork, so does that mean they are all dirty and only the malays and Arabs are clean?

    These malays have no brains to think properly.

    The secret agency study also finds that Muslims are more violent, lazy, cunning and barbaric due to the lack of pork in their meal and the wrong doctrine.

    They had been misled by Quran for generations which was copied and twisted by Muhammad from Holy Bible just to control his followers so that they don’t harm their same species/ancestor (the hybrid between hog/boar and baboon).

  5. the model racist nation

    Yes, a lot of non-malays in Malaysia are leaving this country. But what the hell, they (babiputras) don’t care. They are happy that we leave.

    I do agree with you of those you mentioned, our country is stepping backward, we are loosing in all aspects and yet overdue and retarded ministers are still available on shelf. The ministers think that they are the only ones capable and qualified to be there and not replaceable, otherwise the country could collapse.

    Looking at Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq likes looking at this country future. The well connected babiputras are getting richer. This government is spoon feeding the babiputras at this nation expense. I am sick of this country too.

    My advise is let them rot in their own stew.

    The Barisan government has achieved 0% in reversing the trend of racism.

    While South Africa has disbanded racism through the government’s initiative after the global news onslaught, our government leaders are propagating FACISM and RACISM in every way.

    In term of racism, we are the most uncivilised country in the world. Look into our neighbouring countries of Asia, they are advancing economically on a straight forward objective, for their citizens.

    Whereas we are moving in deviationist path, widely off the international economic theory for the sole objective, of propelling the well being of a supreme race.

    Mahathir era is over, here we have Badawi. Is he changing the trend? Not a single sign of it.

    How about the future under Najib? Sad, sad. They have more camouflage in readiness.

  6. yoy,boleh and the model racist nation,

    again, three of you are the same person.

    honestly i didn’t quite get your intention in lashing out your dissatisfaction here.

    If you are man enough, don’t be anonymous, step up and speak up.

    Empty vessels make the most noise

    Nevertheless: I have to admit that, some parts of your three comments I agreed however i appreciate if you could mind your words.

    disclaimer: author and owner of this blog (me) is not responsible for the content of comments left in this blog.

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