The power of love or the love for the power

What drives a politician forward? Is it for the sake of the nation or just because of the position?

What an interesting time we are having now back home in Malaysia. Sadly, I am thirteen thousand miles away to experience and feel the thrill of politics of Malaysia. Thank god, for the advancement of the so called cyber world, much can be obtained just at the tips of the fingers. Malaysia is just a mouse click away. Nonetheless how much more interesting can the politics of our country be, one thing should be cemented in each and everyone’s mind, that is, this is no cerekarama or telenovela. This is for real.

Since the opposition led by Anwar Ibrahim won a handful of seats in Dewan Rakyat in the last election, there are ongoing talks and speculations on cross over of MPs from BN to PR. Which will then result in a hand over of the federal government to PR.

It’s important for the rakyat to be aware of this and not being carried away by the icing on the cakes offered by some politicians. This is about US and OUR country, NOT their interests and certain constituents or states. As far as I’m concerned BN had been given mandate by Malaysians in 12th General Election, and as our country practices democracy, so democracy is to be respected. You can look from every angles you prefer, however, you can see just one picture, BN won – short by 8 MPs to reach two thirds majority. And so democracy speaks and shall be respected.

Does promoting act of crossing over is a disrespect to democracy?

Some might say there are two sides of a story, however I just heard this from a friend, there are actually three sides of a story, the left, the right and the truth. I couldn’t agree more to what she said. The truth can only be found after you listen to both sides of the story then only the truth will surface.

BN’s side of the story. Crossing over is considered as the biggest treason to the coalition. Moreover with the possible outcomes of changing hand in Putrajaya, this ‘rumours’ will be treated extra seriously. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the current government. Can the politicians do their job when everyday they have to wonder about what’s going to happen to them tomorrow. Politicians are no different than any other employees in Malaysia, they have mouths to feed, mortgages to settle, family to run, and constituents to care. By threatening their position with rumours and possible daylight hijack of the current government, their quality of services will be much affected, with or without them realizing it.

On the other hand, PR’s side of the story. This is the best opportunity for them to take over since the world country is now facing food, oil, and political crisis. Anwar Ibrahim whenever he could reminded the government of the numbers that he has in hand to bring down BN’s government. PR is now without doubt gaining some support and popularity thanks to Anwar Ibrahim confidence and marvelous oratory skills. The question is, how can an end justify the act? There are much to be asked about this possible cross over before we allow it to happen. When asked, Anwar Ibrahim justified his action of luring the BN MPs to jump ship by giving examples of the unethical things that BN government had done.

The third view of the story is the truth. The truth is BN won the federal election. The truth is our country practices democracy. The truth is there is no way an MP will cross over without any possible promises of money, power or position. The truth is such action is unethical. Finally, the truth is two wrongs don’t make one right. Unethical act is not justifiable by another unethical act. In other words, you can’t commit crime to stop crime.

The power of love? Or the love for the power?

There are things that politicians have or should have in common. The love for the nation. Every single politicians will talk, promises, fight and even cry to show the people how much they love the country. What more can politician be best at if not sweet talking? So, it’s a reminder to the people that words uttered from a politician’s mouth must not be taken at face value. The best indication of the power of love for the nation is the sincerity of the politician. Politicians without sincerity don’t have love for the nation, instead, their love is for the power and position. Will a sincere politician goes against the law to be the lawmaker? Will a sincere politician act unethically to reach their target. Will a sincere politician put the country at risk of chaos and riot after a large scale hijack to bring down current government?

As for now, what we can do is just question, but by questioning, I hope that will send a signal to the politicians that it is OUR nation they are meddling with, and it’s not about THEIR personal interests.


4 responses to “The power of love or the love for the power

  1. Mohd Ramalan Yunus

    Hi bro, nice comment, i think u had a very strong substances in ur opinion…keep-up the good works. Keep thinking for the betterment of everybody.

  2. Just get your ass back to malaysia faster…it’s 100 degrees hotter now!!!

  3. Assalamualaikum Ruzaimi,

    Believe me, we are not having ‘an interesting’ time back here now. I think the Malays are having such a challenging time. What more for Pak Lah. Everyone has their own theory of how to run Malaysia. This should be like this, Petronas should do this, should not do that………its endless.
    Everyone is so smart and they think Pak Lah should listen to them!!

    Anwar Ibrahim as you know is making his rounds everywhere, trying his very best no matter what it takes to be the PM. He even claim he will one soon. WaAllahuAlam, we never know whats being written in the Luth Mahfuz for us but what I disagree is in this process there will lots of casualties..I mean the Malays will be more disunited and divided. Just imagine, last two weeks I got this sms from a friend who went to the Subang Jaya Mosque for a Tazkirah but instead Badrul Hisham came to give a political talk. What else if not Anwar Ibrahim making a come back, lots of supporters and going to contest in Kulim soon….

    And Tun Dr. M our beloved former Prime Minister is also making lots of comments about Pak Lah. SO in this process lots of inside old stories of UMNO is being in the open now, one by one. This is so sad. We never hear any inside story of MCA for example. They keep their party secret tight.

    I think things are messy and not interesting. And I leave it to your imagination of what the Malaysians reactions are to Pak Lah since the increase in the petrol price!! I dare not read some of the blogs.

    The Malays should reflect on themselves. What are we doing, where are going to. What and how do we want to see ourselves as in a decade to come?

    Politics are not just for the Politicians. It is supposed to be for the interest of the nation. You are right, they, the Malay politicans are meddling with not just our country but the very survival of the Malays in particular if they are not careful in their steps to achieve their political ambitions.

    Mak Cik wish you the best in your studies, Syukur Alhamdulillah for this opportunity to be able to continue your further education in Dublin. It is a blessing. Take care and Good Luck.

  4. Desperado,

    I am coming back on 19th July.. still a month to go.. sigh

    Mak Cik,

    1. You are right, Malays are now at crossroads.
    2. Every single person now is PM’s advisers appointed or self-appointed.
    3. You know already my view on anwar ibrahim,
    4. Is it true a tazkirah turn to political ceramah by badrul hisham? ish ish
    5. Tun is one hard cookie so what else do we expect from him, tough days.. Look at the horizon.. If Tun didn’t put pressure on this government, maybe our government will be less responsive than today..
    6. Inside story of MCA, comes way after who wins AF to malays
    7. Agree on malays should reflect on themselves, by saying malays.. i meant PAS, UMNO (and maybe PKR)
    8. Politician will be less careful when they are too eager to clinch the power.
    9. I’m blessed and it’s a privilege to be given this opportunity, syukur Alhamdulillah. This is the greatest amanah i’m holding now.

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