Que Sera Sera

When i was just a little boy,
I asked my mother, what will I be,
Will I be handsome?
Will I be rich?
Here’s what she said to me

This song I sang in front of the audience in my primary school long time ago. I still remember the note I brought to the stage to help me out should i forgot the lyrics. Sweet memory.

Anwar Ibrahim had just renewed his plan of toppling current federal government on 16th of September – as reported here, the date that marked the formation of Malaysia after Sabah and Sarawak joined Peninsular as one independent country.

Before the election Anwar confidently expected Oppositions will win 70 parliamentary seats – He was wrong, they won 82 seats, 12 more than predicted. He got more than what he bargained for, but this time he was asking for another 30 more, to form a federal government with simple majority just by the difference of one MP. He is now working hard to convince other leaders of PR component parties to condone the action of crossing over. Two questions. Firstly, does he really have the numbers? and secondly will leaders from DAP and PAS agree this exchange of unethical and immoral action with power?

Let’s evaluate the possible answers for question number one. Does he has the numbers? Definitely maybe. In politics anything is possible and impossible is nothing. Even if he has got the number, we as rakyat should have every right to be suspicious about what’s happening in all the meetings held in highest level in secrecy with the target MPs. The next question a reasonable citizen should ask is does the decision of the MPs congruent with the voice of their constituents? It’s hard to gauge East Malaysians support towards PR’s agenda, however this report by Bernama (read here) might give us a bit of an idea.

Secondly, on the question of will leaders from other parties in PR give a green light to such possible action that can lead to another possible political tsunami. As far as I am concerned PAS vice president, Muhammad Sabu contemplate on the possible negative outcomes should PR form federal government via cross overs, while Karpal Singh doesn’t think BN MPs will jump ship. I haven’t heard a strong and definite support shown by top leaders from DAP and PAS to Anwar’s effort, if ever there are statements made by the other PR parties leaders, there are a strong conditions that has to be met by MPs before being accepted into PR. Take note, by accepting this action, PAS and DAP as a party will agree on whatever methods used by Anwar to fish these MPs be it, God forbid, use of money, promises of positions and power being put on negotiation table.

For whatever reasons and justifications to allow crossing over to happen, it’s not going to be an easy call to make. I am not good in speculating since I rarely do speculate, nonetheless, there’s no such thing as a smooth transition of federal power via hijacking current government’s MPs.

I finish this article with..

Que sera, sera
What ever will be, will be;
The future’s not ours to see.
Que sera, sera


6 responses to “Que Sera Sera

  1. Ya, dari membaca berita-berita bercetak di kertas dan skrin sukar untuk kita tahu kesudahan ceritanya. Tidak seperti apa akan jadi pada seseorang bila dewasa – tiada siapa tahu termasuk si punya diri itu sendiri, tapi dalam bab urusniaga Anwar ini ada jalannya untuk tahu.

    RRR: alamat blog telah diperbetulkan

  2. maaf tersilap taip alamat blog

  3. mykppm,

    thanks for dropping by..

    tak salah sekiranya kita terlebih berhati-hati dalam meletakkan kepercayaan kita terhadap seseorang. Namun, pada masa yang sama kita harus menerima tidak semua orang bersetuju dengan pendapat kita, sebagaimana kita kadang-kadang juga tidak menyetujui pandangan orang lain. Perbedaan itu dinamakan rahmat.

  4. mantap penerangan kamu.. Saya mula meminati setiap apa yang anda katakan itu..
    semoga anda bijak berkata2 dan pandai melontarkan pemikiran2 yang matang dan juga bernas.

  5. terima kasih donna

    komentar anda saya jadikan pendorong untuk terus menulis.

    jemput singgah lagi.

  6. Kerajaan Malaysia sepatutnya berunding dgn Negara India dan Cina supaya memberi peluang kepada rakyat Malaysia yg berbangsa India dan Cina utk mereka menukar kerakyataan dari warganegara Malaysia kepada warganegara India atau Cina. Lepas tu biar mereka berhijrah ke negara asal usul mereka. Di sana nanti tidak ada bangsa Melayu dan tak perlu lagi mereka bersusah payah untuk menentang hak-hak istimewa orang Melayu. Dengan cara ini perpaduan di Malaysia akan lebih terjamin. Lagipun kita sepatutnya simpati dan kesian pada orang India dan Cina yang nak balek ke negara asal mereka. Sementara itu, biarlah mereka jadi pendatang asing dulu.

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