Obama is Nominated as Democratic Presidential Candidate

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(pics from barackobama.com)

According to CNN Obama has reached the critical delegates count thus he’s chosen as the candidate for Democrat candidate to run for White House. His rival, Hillary Clinton had put up a very tough fight, and the result is pretty much just like the EPL when the champion need to be decided at the last day of the league, so does this presidential candidate run. The rivalry between those two is neck to neck from the beginning, but in the end, Obama in his speech praised Hillary for without her, he will not be a better candidate to run for the office.

“I’m asking you to believe.
Not just in my ability to bring
about real change in Washington …
I’m asking you to believe in yours”

Omar Khan, my friend from America and I had a long discussion regarding politics in America in the Dart while on our way to Bray. I told him that, my concern is about America’s policies regarding wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. My worries are on America’s intervention in the largest part of the world which has the largest oil reserve. I also mentioned to Omar about the invisible hands of a single superior group of people in the country who influences America’s foreign policy. And I believe, Obama will change that. Obama will bring about the change that I believe can happen and long overdue. I am confident that the good policies by a democrat president will be vital in markedly reducing the number of civilians casualties in war-torn countries. Atrocities started by Bush administration must be stopped by Obama administration. Well maybe this time Barrack Hussein Obama will succeed in becoming the first black President of America, who knows one day Omar Khan will be the first Muslim to achieve that.

America’s politic is by right one of the most interesting one to follow, but Malaysia’s politic is catching up. At the rate we are speeding now, I am sure Malaysia’s politic is heading towards the first world politic. What we need is just a good and strong opposition and a accountable government with views on making policies and materializing it to the benefit of the greatest number. Note that, even the most perfect government can’t satisfy ALL people.

Certainly Obama is the politician of the new era. Judge him, praise him, criticize him, bring him down for his policies and agendas for the nation, and not due to his Kenyan origin, Osama-Obama confusions, his Madrasah’s education and so on. Because that’s personal.


One response to “Obama is Nominated as Democratic Presidential Candidate

  1. Hi, boy
    susah for obama untuk menang.
    the chances is increasing but racial still play a major part in the election especially the southern states. look at the last election. the southern states are lean more toward the republican rather than democrat and it tip the outcome of the election. remember Bush vs Al Gore? or Bush vs Kerry

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