Here in my home

Guys, whatever our political ideologies, what ever skin colour we have, what ever religions we practice, we are here living in the same place we call home. We will never be divided by having different views, what political flags we choose to fly, not a single person in the world can divide us, Malaysian. It doesn’t matter if you eat roti canai, tosai, capati, mooncake, bakuteh, char kuey tiaw, apam balik, nasi lemak, rendang etc.. Let’s all of us stay here in our home.

I am so proud to be Malaysian, we are blessed to be born Malaysian, and Malaysia will always be placed deep inside my heart. Guys, leave some comments on what do you love most about our country, let reminisce things we always do when we are small kids, let’s remind each and everyone of us why we should treasure our country. A single word will do.

Enjoy the song.

Malaysia tanahairku.


6 responses to “Here in my home

  1. gua rindu motor kapcai gua

  2. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…credits to me…for that song…huhh!!!wekkk..! =p

  3. Credit to my sis, ruhaniza who introduced me to that song. Thanks..

  4. I love this song too… THANKZ sis Ruhaiza. Dah kawin? Just kidding… =)

  5. i love the food!!!! i love nasik lemak..kuey teow… murtabak..apam balik..ayam golek…laksa..nasi kerabu..kueh muehhhh hehehe.. im hungry…hmmm nak balik mesie… i want to go home…. =(

    p/s: its not ruhaiza la.. its ruhaniza..

    pre obs n gynae syndrome..

  6. plan nak balik ujung tahun…. tetiba jer rasa nak balik cepat lagi…
    good one……

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