Tales of the wind

Cyclone Nargis landfall.jpg

Reminiscing my childhood, when I went out to play ‘wau’ in the evening. I would sit while preparing my wau and ask for wind to blow and fly my wau. Same when I was walking under the sun from my house to go for Quran recital class or we Malays, refer as ‘mengaji’, I would slowly prayed for wind to blow briskly to cool me down and dry my sweats up. And, most of the time, well maybe coincidently the wind did blow and my prayers were granted. So I walked to my Tok Guru’s house without worrying my ‘baju melayu’ will have sweat stain under the arm and at the back. So as my wau, it flew and danced gracefully in the slow and constant evening breeze.

10 years passed by, I am now still under the same sun, but on much different land, in a place far away from home. Further away from the equatorial line where Malaysia sit on. The wind here is much stronger and it doesn’t fly any wau, instead it blows away the umbrellas. I remember a senior telling me in order to survive Irish wind, you have to have a really sturdy and strong umbrella. Well he’s spot on. I saw many damaged umbrellas bought from penneys or dunnes in the bins and on the floor instead of at the hand of pedestrians. So wind is not much welcomed here, in fact I couldn’t remember myself ‘inviting’ wind while i’m here.

That is the wind that i know of, the wind that doesn’t really affect me much. Wind that i rather see as a good friend of mine. For once, i think the wind is nice and gentle.

The fact is, the wind that fly my wau, dry up my sweat, cool off the heat on my way to Quran recital class, wind that blew some umbrellas away in Dublin, brought so much disaster in a place very near to my country. From breeze to strong wind to cyclone. Cyclone called Nargis that killed hundreds of thousands and left others homeless in just one big blow. My heart stopped when i saw pictures of a group of kids in Burma now fighting for a banana and a bottle of mineral water. I am glad and happy that only after a few hours after Nargis struck Myanmar, many Malaysians NGOs are offering hands to help the helpless and hopeful Burmese citizens, our neighbours.

When nature strikes, all nations are one. Help and relief missions know no borders. When natural disaster strikes, the way we respond to it as the citizen of the world and not limited by what passport you bear, what skin color you have, what religion you practice and what political ideology you belong to. I hope Myanmar junta will be more open to international pledges to help them, especially when another cyclone is on it’s way to crash Myanmar.

Help Burmese.

Tabung Aman Malaysia-Utusan Malaysia dilancar

KUALA LUMPUR 9 Mei – Aman Malaysia dan akhbar Utusan Malaysia hari ini melancarkan tabung kemanusiaan bagi membantu mangsa Taufan Nargis di Myanmar.

Tabung yang dikenali sebagai Tabung Kemanusiaan Taufan Nargis Aman Malaysia-Utusan Malaysia itu bertujuan untuk mendapatkan sumbangan daripada rakyat Malaysia yang prihatin bagi membantu mangsa bencana itu.

Aman Malaysia dalam satu kenyataan di sini hari ini berkata, orang ramai boleh membuat sumbangan kepada tabung itu dengan menggunakan cek berpalang di atas nama PEACE MALAYSIA.

Menurut kenyataan itu, cek berkenaan perlu dihantar kepada Sekretariat Aman Malaysia, B-13-D2, Plaza Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur atau dimasukkan ke dalam akaun CIMB 1420- 0007389-058.

Setakat ini dilaporkan lebih 100,000 rakyat Myanmar terbunuh akibat bencana alam itu dengan kira-kira sejuta lagi hilang tempat tinggal.


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