Savantism: Another drop in an endless ocean

Somewhat appalled and disappointed by some of our MPs attitude in parliament, I decided to explore what sort of information can offer me. Rather than wasting my time watching and listening to MPs acting like bigfoot and big monkeys, better if I watch something much more educational and videos that will not be an insult to o the intelligence and akal of followers of Dewan Rakyat including myself.

I came across this video entitled ‘The boy with an Incredible Brain’ on youtube. It is a 5 parts documentary and highly informative and educational. As a short summary to what the documentary is all about, I would say the more we study Almighty’s knowledge, the more we will feel minute and amazed by the ocean of His knowledge that we have been ‘borrowed’ with. At least, that’s how i see it..

1st part of the documentary.

Part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5 can be accessed by clicking the link.

Savantism is the name scientist use to describe this phenomenon. There are about 25 savants exist currently possessing various mentabilities (mental-abilities). Among the first to describe this phenomenon is Dr John Langdon Down (who also describes Down Syndrome) in 1887. Some scientists see this as a goldmine for new future researches especially on physiology of the brain. Daniel Tammet is one of the savant who can memorize up to 20,000 plus decimal points of a π (read: pi). Not only that, he associates numbers with colours, emotions, and certain traits. Unlike many of us, when we say a number, an image that appear in our mind is that representation of that number, say if you think about number three, an image of ‘3’ will appear.

This phenomenon is unexplainable even by the brightest scientist on earth at the moment, we can only acknowledge that some event has taken place during human development that give rise to this extraordinary ability. Some of you might have seen the movie called Rain Man played by Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, well that’s another example of what a savant can do. And for those who might think a savant is an example of a perfect human being, I have to say that this special trait came is only found in people with some disabilities. 50% of savants are autistic while the rest might have brain trauma, and other mental restriction issues.

Questions revolving in my mind while watching this documentary, such as, what is the limit to our brain? Is there a limit to how far we can think of? And why does this ability comes with a disability? Some might even say, we can be mad in our search to explain God’s might and power.

For me this entry in my blog is just to share about the miracles of God’s creation. Our job is not only to take this phenomenon at face value, but to pick up the hidden meanings and lessons behind it. Every single thing exists in this world is teaching us, they are telling us and showing us that God is everywhere. The important thing is the more we learn about things we perceived as human miracles, there lies God’s superiority and our search will further clarify His endless ocean of knowledge, for our knowledge is just a small drop in an ocean.

Can science be separated with religion? No.


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