My article was published in Malaysiakini

My view was in

When I was writing the article about court of public opinion, suddenly I think it will be a good idea if more people can share and criticize my idea. I’m just trying to test the water, to see whether my article is worth to be published in alternative media as popular as Well, to my surprise, It was up in the letter to editor section. With some editing here and there, I think the main message is still intact, and of course the title is changed, maybe that title can catch more attention. However i think the title shouldn’t be too definitive since my points in that article is not simply do not trust court of public opinions. It’s not just about that.

Anyway, as long as my messages is conveyed, i hope those who read can accept and certainly I’m happy that my thought didn’t go to the trash.

At first i emailed premesh chandran, the CEO, but prem is kind enough to reply me back asking me to re-send my email to the editor. What an amateurish mistake i’ve made. It’s okay since this make me want to contribute more and write more. I really hope bloggers can write with high degree of accountability and wisdom. And that’s my aims and that’s what i’m trying to become, accountable and a man with wisdom.

Thanks malaysiakini.

-I gave a pat on my back, myself-

Click here for the unedited version of my article

Click here for the letter publsihed in Malaysiakini

I only knew about this when a friend of mine wrote on my facebook wall.. here is what he wrote..

Jonathan Lim (LSE) wrote
at 5:42am on May 12th, 2008
wah wah.. writing to malaysiakini i see?but the article was edited to the point that it lost its original meaning as published on ceku. i suppose it had to do with the style of writing, commentary vs. letter to the editor.

in any case, my 2 sens worth is that the public will always have its opinion. but it is when the public does not perceive justice to be meted out when public opinion takes centrestage.

of course, you might then have a circular chicken-and-egg argument because then justice would be defined according to public opinion.

although strictly speaking, the principle of jury trials necessitates judgment by your peers — has public opinion really gone that far wrong in general?

the more pertinent question in my view then, is that if justice if to be served in a manner contrary to public opinion, is there a good reason? recent events have shown otherwise.

hence, judicial reform must still start from the top.

Thanks Jonathan.

11 responses to “My article was published in Malaysiakini

  1. Congrats! Keep up the good work! Even we didn’t know each other, but we are bloggers. And bloggers rule!

  2. This only proof that you are a journalist not a leader. Pat your back as much as you want. In reality you are just full of crap.

  3. loner,

    no wonder you are a loner. Every influential leaders in this world write. In fact, they did convey their ideas and wisdom through writings. Have you heard of the Prince by Machiavelli, Malay Dilemma by Tun Dr. Mahathir, Za’ba, Karl Marx, to name but a few.

    If you realize, and if u read newspapers, all the leaders have their columns that they write in once a week. I don’t want to give you a lecture on pre-independence history, but i really have to suggest you to look back on how the nationalism were embedded in our minds.

    I believe wisdom of leaders can also be shown through writings. I strongly suggest you to look back what you have written down. There are many ways a person can show his/her leaderships.

    I tend not not be judgmental but just by reading 3 sentences of your comment, i can guess what kind of a person you are.

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by.

  4. Well… Did you know also that the book Malay Dilemma by Tun. Correct me if Im wrong. Was it not published until he became the Prime Minister. And Karl Marx (father of communism)? Are you out of ideas bro? He brought the ideology of communist… An ideology that has brought war to the world. Have you read his book by the way? In the book there is a whole chapter about NOT believing in God.

    Shows what a great leader you are huh?

    Believe what you want in your writings. But what disturbs me is, you post your writing and promote it in all the Yahoo Groups available in Ireland. And obviously people would want to read it and are clouded by the fact that you have no real substance.

    I’ve read your articles about doctors, judiciary revolutions, pig farm, parliament etc. I too am well read in political matters in Malaysia. But unlike you I analyse and see everything from both side of the coin. Have you? Do you go around looking for what oppositions are talking about the government or better yet… What the people are talking? Or you just support whatever comes out from the mouth of BN leaders?

    Coming back to leadership… A leader such as yourself, has no real value in the world unless you are trained to handle criticisms. And understand that not all humans like you. Sadly enough… You have not seen any such things, I just gave you a taste of what leaders have to face on a daily basis and you are already shivering.

    Indeed books, articles, memoirs are written by leaders. But have to stop and ask yourself… Those who write make better leaders or the actions of a person defines their leadership? You see, the more ideas you write out the more foolish you seem to me if you don’t do anything that reflects it.

    Take your KUI for example. It only caters for a portion of Malays in Ireland. And yet it proclaims to care for all the community. What about the others? Not to mention us non-Malays. What are we to be? What real wisdoms and foresight has it brought to the Malays? You have your socials activities (I give you that). What else? If let say a minister comes to ireland… How is it that I get to him/her only for a few seconds? Why KUI gets all the attention?
    Don’t let me even start on the charity works… Which is almost nil by the way.

    So my friend, although much wisdom has been shown by leaders in their writings in the past… It is their decisions and ideas in the political arena that really matters! From what you have done in Ireland, I don’t see any wisdom nor leadership. Only a bunch of words that you slap on your blog.

  5. Loner,

    what a reply, i have to thank you though. I accept any criticisms, and that’s one of the reason i set up this blog. I want people to use this blog as a medium to express ideas and opinions. And guess what, i guess you are one of the best commenter in this blog. I really take what you said seriously and i will find time to answer. Well i just finished writing a new article, it’s in Malay about ‘political games’. So if i may ask for your time to read and give your opinions on that. I am in the learning process. I don’t know on which spot i am on the learning curve now. I doesn’t matter, what matter the most is constantly learning.

    Again, apologize for not being able to answer some of the points raised in your latest comment, not because i don’t have the substance, but time i just have things to do now, i can’t stop my urge to reply to u,

    Thanks, loner

    a comment that long is worth more than 3 sentences comment, now i can understand you more.

    Owh by the way, when i say great leader, influential leader etc.. i’m not referring to myself but i say leader in general.

  6. Azleen Ambrose

    The argument between the owner and his visitor caught my attention. As a very good friend to the owner, I wasn’t expecting any harsh or bitchy answer from him. As the matter of fact that I know the owner for such a long time, will it be personal of professional life, his replies reflect the way he handles critics and more importantly his level of maturity. An ultra will simply reply ‘F**K you Loner, this is my territory, I have the rights to publish anything’ and more lengthy bitchy reply, if he choose so. Unfortunate for the visitor, the owner always professional when dealing with ‘kanak-kanak’ like yourself.
    Maybe I’m a ‘kanak-kanak’ too!

  7. Dear azleen ambrose,

    You see… I am like any critics on the web like to induce a confrontation and see the reaction of our leaders. Not so much to insult him… Although clearly I have. Im sorry for that Boy.

    He has indeed proven to show calibre in answering my harsh comments (I’ll give you that). Calibre that I expect to see in a leader. Now we shall see if my comments has stuck it his head… Any young leader needs to grow at some stage. Clearly, boy needs to be a man now more than ever later. Leading Kelab UMNO is not like leading a book club. It is about leading a society with different backgrounds, experiences, level of understanding, views and outlook in life etc.

    Many would applaud him for the great activities he has done and for him to launch his own blog of the country political situation… But I will reserve it for now. Kelab UMNO Ireland needs somewhat of a change in its course and focus on other things such as UNITY in the Malay population of Ireland, Charity works, Educational talks, Leadership conferences, Religious works etc…

    Having said that… Social activities, dinners, sports day etc are not to be forgotten or put aside as it indeed promote the ‘getting to know you’ in everyone as well as celebrate after a yearlong effort.

    So, Ms Azleen… Level of maturity in answering harsh & bitchy comments is indeed won by the president. However, I hope he does things more expected of him. AND still keep his grades up, become a doctor and hence lead the country.

    I admire your spirit, Azleen, backing-up your friend like this. It is nice to see that the leader has honourable friends as you. But you see, you might bring him up a step by supporting what he has done right… I am here to bring him up by opposing what I see is wrong, those that needs rectifying.

    Dear boy, I am always here… If you slip-up I will always be writing. Bitchy and harsh.

    – THE LONER-

  8. Allow me to reply to your 2nd comment


    As promised, i did find time to further reply your previous comment (2nd comment), but i realized you are already at your 3rd comments now. Well let me take one comment at a time. =)

    Yes, i gave you examples of books by Karl Marx, Mahathir etc. and those are merely for example purposes. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean i am proposing communism or any ideologies that support war. Plus, there nothing much i could do since leaders come in many faces, many inclinations. Some might be war monger, some for peace, but they are after all leaders. As for me, there’s no limitation on what books you can read, what ideologies can you observe, but certainly there’s a process that you must do, that is to filter what ever information you absorb into your brain. So even karl marx described a whole book about NOT believing God, i trust my ‘akal’ and you know as much as there is freedom of religions, there is always a choice of not having one too. For the record, i am a muslim, and i believe in Allah and the teaching of Muhammad (pbuh).

    About posting my excerpt of this blog through yahoo groups, well of course the purpose of doing that is to let people know this blog exist and is updated with new articles or in short i would want people to read this should they want to. You can write in fantastic ideas, but it won’t be of any benefit if no one reads it, just like medication, it’ll not work if patient doesn’t take it. So if you find it disturbing you that people will read my articles, there’s nothing much i could do, except i can remove your email (which is?) from the mailing address or you can just mark my email as spam. People will decide if they want to further click the link to read more about the article, thus implied consent given, and it’s up to them to decide whether i have points to say in my article or am i just wasting their time.

    Coins have two sides, but it’s not as easy as telling which is tail and which is face. So you might find me bias to one side at times, since everyone is bias, our brain is bias, thus biasness is unavoidable. At the end of the day i have to pick a side, if not my discussion will lead to a point of no conclusion. And honestly i did look at both sides of the coins, and i want to be seen as a person who call a spade, a spade. However i’m not a mouthpiece of any BN leaders, i speak my own mind. If u read my article entitled ‘permainan politik’ i guess that should show my effort of not leaving a single stone unturned.

    About handling criticism, only critics will know how i performed in handling criticism, and i guess you wrote a bit about it in your 3rd comment, and i thank you for that.

    110% agree with you on your point about having ideas but not executing it. Well action does speak louder than words. I am always reminding myself to walk the talk, and surely you will help reminding me about that. Indeed we all should turn ideas to reality. You are a realist more than an idealist rite Loner?

    KUD (formerly known as KUI) on our activities, i think we have to improve on our news reporting, it seems like many of our activities not given enough coverage to let everyone knows. Maybe i can use this blog since it might have a wider coverage =). I will take your critics on our activities to the committee meeting and address this issue appropriately. For now, you might list down few possible activities in order to help us to reach the non-malays in Ireland. That should keep you from being lonely.

    When minister came to Ireland, if it’s our effort to bring him here, we got more attention as the organizer, but if the minister came thru embassy’s invitation or any other societies, we have to make an effort to meet him personally, upon his agreement of course, and we got rejected many times too. Well, it’s all about our initiative maybe, the reason i’m telling you this is so that you don’t think i will deny any ‘special attention’ given to us. We ask for it and sometimes we did get it, since we asked.

    For the last paragraph of your comment, I take that as words from a critic. How will i improve if no one is telling me what i’m doing less, or wrong. Well, i guess loner we are indeed friends.

    I found some time to answer, hope you can find some time reading this too… it’s long i know


  9. You see… boy… I can argue with you about the book thing and it can go on for days. So let’s call it a truce ok. I’ll stop criticising that part…

    Yes I’m a realist not so much an idealist. I see things as what you do not what you say. Unfortunately for you… I have been keeping a close eye on your leadership.
    Taking sides is not actually wrong… In a discussion. But I would want to see a little room of democratic use in your articles in order to call it a discussion. You see… You are a political figure whether you like it or not. People see you as a portal to what the government is saying. News from you is like hot press, The Star, Utusan, NST. Everyone reads and immediately believes… Since they truly believe that, you are a source of UMNO.

    In your articles, there is nothing mentioned of neutrality. The government is always right… It is not wrong to pick a stand but not until you lay down your cards. Tell the story of the other side if you know their tale. In addition, don’t hide what the government has done wrong. So that readers are stimulated to understand and evaluate.

    Yes what I say is not the whole truth. But to a certain extend it is. If a 1st year boy… Reads your articles will indeed absorbed and blown out by you with your perfect English in perfectly written words. He will choose your side blindly. Where is political maturity in that?

    So what I’m trying to say is… Try to write articles which has a subtle neutrality. One that addresses both sides. And then… Defend your ideas and the political stand you are in. Your blog is read by, let’s face it, children of the political arena. They know almost to a point of nothing. I want leaders of tomorrow to be well read about the political situations in Malaysia and not be one sided. Defend what is right not defend the party they believe is right.

    Like any critics… I induce confrontations, in a hope that you defend yourself and force you improve your outlook. Clearly you have done well and have indeed change my mind of you a little. But like you said I am not am idealist! I want to really see a change before I am convinced.

  10. Tulisan yang baik dan pengajaran yang bermakna 🙂

  11. Blog yg akan subcribe rss anda

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