Are we worth it?

How to justify all of us here worth the amount of quids, punts, or even ringgits spent on us to study abroad? There are loads of things we can offer Malaysia as a gift in return, but is it worth the staggering amount of money invested on us? Theory of synergy seems unsuitable or maybe even considered irrelevant when it comes to investing money to send medical students abroad.

Is RM250k equals to €250k?

Hardly we heard local doctors back home in Malaysia who are satisfied with the level of quality shown by the ever-spirited medical students spending their summer holidays doing rotation in local hospitals mainly in big towns but very little in suburban areas. Even worse, there were talks behind our backs saying that overseas students sombong, ‘bullshit’ a lot, and even less energetic. Fair enough to say that it’s hard to tell what really they are expecting from us, but yes one thing for sure is, they expect us to show them that ‘money worth spent’.

Graduating from IMU, HUSM, HUKM, UM, etc cost more or less RM250k, a fifth of total amount spent on a single student to Ireland or UK. If you still blur about this, let me do this simple math for you, by sending ONE student to Ireland or UK, we are denying FOUR more to study locally. So by saying that, we should be 4 times better than local students, 4 times more useful, 4 times more enthusiastic and 4 times more worth it.

Okay, imagine this, let’s not send 250 students abroad and use the money to build a new medical university in Kampung Tumbuk, Sepang for instance, rather than being a site for modern pig farming project – example only! How many more will benefit from that investment on that infrastructure which will be a long term investment to the government. Just by not sending a batch of medical students abroad, we can cater up to maybe the same number of 250 students to study locally with a bonus, new infrastructure and new medical campus and of course medical school will not be as smelly as pig farm.

So the answer is, there will be no way RM250k will be equal to €250k (provided that currency exchange stay the same). Reallyy, it’s the end product that will determine how many times more worth it we are. I know local students might think this article undermine their capability and intelligence, i have no intention at all to do so. It’s just to open up the eyes of ‘education travelers’ here that we must not let local students think investments made on is just a waste of taxpayers money.

Ok I got your point. But How?

A close friend of mine once told me, he went to MARA HQ in KL before he went to US to further his study and you know there are this stack of forms need to be completed and verified. He got confused with one of the form and went to ask the officer. To his and my surprise, he was scolded ‘Macamana nak belajar luar negara, kalau borang pun tak boleh nak isi!!’. Well, shocking. Yes. But always look at it with this glass-half-full attitude. The officer might be true because over there in a piece of land that we call foreign to us when we are foreigner there, will not be that much helpful to you. You are basically on your own. On that basis, i will not try to list out what you should do and what shouldn’t be done. Some of you guys out there are more brainy than me.

But an average medical student like me will try to understand how the health system is run here, what’s good and what’s not. What’s hot and what’s cool with the way they run their system here from dispensing panadol to operating MRI Scanner. Learn all. Because at the end of the day (day you die can also be the end of the day)
, we will return and bring home all of our expertise and knowledge to be implemented and tuned to the benefit of our nation. You can come out with as many to-do-lists you like, as long as you have a thought of making yourself many times more worth than local students (in order to match the 4 times more money being put on each of us), because when you start thinking of doing that. you are making yourself worth more than many of us here.


3 responses to “Are we worth it?

  1. medical student overseas simply not worthed laaa.
    nanti masa forum kelab umno, kita cadangkan budak2 nak pergi oversea kena buat essay why study oversea and what do u want to do.

    takdela habis tax payer money jee

  2. its better to stay humble, and be nice to people.

  3. khairulorama… which part of this article asks people not to be humble and nice to people. Or is it just a general statement from you?

    Anyhow, i agree with you that it’s better to stay humble and be nice to people.. anyway nice of you to comment..


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