MPs don’t belittle Makkal Sakhti, don’t misuse people’s trust

MPs were given ample time to submit their questions, for Q&A session when parliament convene for the first time after the historic 080308. However, 29 MPs out of 222 failed, and much to my disgust, some even don’t know what to do once becoming an MP. Apart from that, surely, this time around, it will be nothing but interesting, much more interesting than ‘bodoh’, ‘pondan’, or ‘you-tak-suka,you-keluar-malaysia-la’ remarks. Thank God to the wisdom given to the rakyat and still a considerably strong mandate to BN government, much change has been initiated, far from completion of course, but work has surely begun. They are all just as starters, served just in time so that when the MPs start to quarrel in Dewan Rakyat, the oppositions will come with stomach half-full.

29 is not big number for some of us, but let’s do simple math here. 29 out of 222 is 10% of total number of MPs representing the whole country. On average 10% voices of total population technically won’t be represented during the Dewan Rakyat assembly, we’re not talking just about Kg. Berembang or Kuala Kangsar’s inhabitants, we’re talking about the voice of about 3 millions rakyat here. The makkal sakhti that PR is fighting for, the trust been put on the shoulders of those who promised changes, reform, and new dawn for malaysia has been neglected even before Dewan Rakyat starts it’s first meeting. Hoi (RPK’s favourite), show rakyat your sincerity, your seriousness about all those promises you have made. After all, we don’t want to substitute a crook with another crook.

Okay, even our Iron Lady, Rafidah Aziz didn’t submit the questions, and so as another 14 BN Mps. That makes only 14 PR MPs missed the deadline, while 15 from BN. Don’t tell me that you are ok with that just because more BN MPs didn’t submit the questions. You are not the majority, so what? It’s appalling to see that MPs like Tian Chua (Loudest of all), Ramasamy (Penang Deputy CM) and veteran Anifah Aman overlooked the deadline. I’m sure they have excuses prepared, but sometimes excuses make people more angry.

Two wrongs, doesn’t make one right.

This mishap, irresponsible act must not repeat, so that rakyat’s voice is adequately represented. You are talking about changes you are bringing at national level. Yang Berhormat, start with yourself first! Change that attitude of blaming others, simply putting it all on communication failure, just take it at face value, you failed to submit questions within given time. Yes some of you might be first timers, newbies, freshies or what ever you want to call yourselves as, but hello have you heard of the term first impression? Need me to explain it here? i don’t think so. When you agreed on competing for the MP seat, you should have prepared yourself of all this protocols, deadlines, and more. Don’t simply come and say I’m too busy, my assistant reminded me of a wrong date, I don’t know I’m new. If you are not ready, if you don’t know then why bother competing. By the way, if your colleagues or opponents did the same mistake, it doesn’t make you less guilty.

Excuses.. excuses.. excuses..

YB Anifah Aman excuse himself on moral stand.
YB Dr P Ramasamy, teachers, if your student gives you this kind of get-out-of-jail plea, will you let go?
YB Tian Chua… Tian Chua, I hope you don’t scream this to the speaker “Don’t hit me, don’t hit me!!”

Party leaders, or at least secretarty general, why can’t you make sure all your MPs stick to the deadline. You have given the people a very bad impression not on the MPs personally but also the credibility of your promises. Parliament is a serious issue, it’s where you set up, amend constitutions, where you talk about law of the land. If you don’t have any questions, sit down tight and you shouldn’t step forward nominate yourself to be a candidate at first place. I think, rakyat is not giving you a free ride to parliament, you bring along with you the name of your constituent and the people there. After all why are you called a ‘wakil rakyat’ for?

I know it’s not fair to judge the ‘silent’ MPs only for this issue, but you work for me (rakyat), i suppose to know why this happen. I’m just exercising my right. And i will keep on talking and demand freedom to talk about anything rconcerning my beloved Malaysia.


2 responses to “MPs don’t belittle Makkal Sakhti, don’t misuse people’s trust

  1. i do want to blame the MPs yang marah2 dulu tapi bila suruh submit q buat2 lupa.
    yes, PKR and DAP already apologize. how about the 15BN MPs? no excuse juga. therefore, the president of BN need to apologize. will he?

    p/s; syabas buat PAS. anda betul2 nak memerintah Malaysia

  2. Thank you to Boy who brought this up here. Simply saying that “I forgot” is not an excuse. well, it is an excuse, but surely not a good one. With all the MP’s numerous secretaries, he/she managed to get some nerves to say “I forgot”. Don’t they have anything like an organiser to keep their deadlines in check? The situation here is not a merely a case where a man forgot where he put his keys. This is a question of responsibility. That is what they do for goodness’ sake. Well let me give you a situation which I think is comparable to this case. A student failed his exams and the teacher asked him why, and he simply said “I forgot”. That is not a very good excuse, not in a million years. That’s his job to study. he can’t just say he forgot. I’ve failed a few exams before and I admit that I didn’t study for them, but I never simply brushed it aside with “I forgot to study”. The blame is all on me for not studying, for being too lazy, for allowing myself to be distracted away from my studies. That is how we should say to them as well. They should be blamed for not doing what they’re supposed to do. But hey, everyone makes mistakes. Whether it’s avoidable or not, whether it’s simply a man taking things for granted, well that’s another story.

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