Unhealthy Politics

In a rocky road to political stability in Malaysia, the word politic itself has claimed few lives. I once remembered a Welsh friend of mine expressed his worries of too politically inclined and interested Malaysians. Well not that i disagree with him, current political situation is too tempting not to be talked about. And some who are in blues about what’s going on in Malaysia at the moment is nothing but being ignorant at his/her best. Everybody knows politic is dirty, but come to think of it, our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w also involved in politics.

Maybe now it’s true to say that politician is a high risk group for getting coronary heart disease at one stage in his/her life. Caring too much for community might be harmful to a person, maybe in times like this, community will look after politician. It’s quite prominent after 080308 and even before the so called political tsunami in history of Malaysia, many personal doctors (to low level politician), or cardiologist (to all the big guns) are closely acquainted with politicians.

Few days after the poll result, Klang-ites and even Malaysians were rendered shocked with the loss of the infamous and most controversial Abang Z. His death is due to sudden heart attack. Well what had triggered the heart attack? And I am not talking about fate (Ajal) because it is also the order of the nature, there must be cause for one reaction. As for now, simple, blame it all to politic.

And recently, Hadi Awang was warded due to a slight discomfort thus being put under 24 hours supervision (not from SBs or police) but cardiologists. He might had brought himself too close to the edge of becoming the next after Abang Z but again fate plays it role, telling him this is just not the ‘time’ yet. Why? Certainly God works in a mysterious way. Allah knows of everything, and i really mean everything about Malaysia’s political situation now.

Today, politic has claimed another life. Hashim Safin of UMNO Tanah Merah’s Division died this evening – due to heart attack. My condolences to the family of the demised and as a Muslim, al-Fatihah and prayers to his soul. May he rest in peace, away from this rocky current of political tsunami. Not too ignore the fact that heart attack can also be caused by other organic factors – well me being a medical student should know about it – but i do still think that politic must have a piece of this.

Fortunately, two influential political figures that i admired until today, Mahathir Mohamad and Nik Aziz Nik Mat has gone through the most crucial test with regards to their heart conditions. Tun has done 2 bypasses and Tok Guru is tightly bonded to his medications and consultations now. Question lingering and I monologued myself, why God let this two most senior political figures in our country still breathing up to this day – the answer is, this is another mystery of God’s knowledge and action.

I am sure politic will not stop dragging politician into this misery of chest pain and breathlessness, especially now. My worry is, despite of i agreed to disagree what my Welsh friend had said, Malaysian is too politically inclined and interested in a way that will make coronary heart disease a champion!

Prayers and al-Fatihah to abang Z, Hashim Safin and most importantly, my daddy who i always see as a politically knowledgeable doctor – he also died of heart attack in his sleep on 4th of August 2006.


5 responses to “Unhealthy Politics

  1. the word politics itself sounds like a deadly disease to the untrained ear. so just beware once u go into ur cawangan. hehe

  2. Speaking about the Prophet (S), one of the proofs, for me, that the Prophet (S) is in fact a prophet is his politics. This is someone who never let Truth bow down and prostate itself before power and yet, despite the impossible circumstances, was able to win the heart of his enemies. He was politically successful but yet he chose to live in poverty.

    Politicians are the exact opposite. The constantly twist truth for their politics. They always live off the fruits of their politics. Our Prophet (S), on the other hand, sacrificed his life to overturn ignorant tribal norms and gained nothing of this world in return, although he could’ve lived like a king if he wanted to. This is proof of his sincerity and proof that he, God’s peace be upon him, is a prophet.

    Anyways, I’m glad to see your blog and hope to read more reflections like this. Politics is dirty business, but it is also because of politics that one can increase their love for our Prophet (S). Keep on writing!

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