2010 Docs get paid higher: Now. Future docs in Ireland, SHUT UP! and stop saying bad things about the government!

PUTRAJAYA:At least 2,000 graduate house officers in government hospitals will get an automatic promotion to grade UD44 upon completion of their two-year housemanship in 2010.

RRR: In 2007 government announces 52% increase in monthly allowances for students in Ireland, more percentage of increments in UK, and more places. Firstly, i have to tell you all that I had a chat with a classmate from America who now is burdened with huge bank loans which he has to take to support his studies here, he’s somewhat shocked and envious of our government decision to send us to study abroad for FREE! And yet i still heard some of us here who claimed themselves to be the brightest of all, the most islamic of all and whatever good personality you guys claimed you have, NOT understanding the meaning of SYUKUR!!!

I heard this myself from many government agencies officers be it in Malaysia or based abroad, they have not, to this time, received a considerable thank you email/letter/card/sms. Well i’m not saying that they will die if they don’t get your gratitude but hey we are malaysians, where are our manners? Or should i say we are muslims, aren’t we thankful? Now, here, in times of elections i received many emails ‘revealing’ things government did badly/wrongly/incorrectly/corruptly for the past 4 years of power and is that all what you GUYS see?! All the bad things (which i doubt provable!).

Well if these so called the suara demokrasi/suara rakyat/suara keadilan or whatever name u want to be known as, do NOT know how to say THANK YOU to a generous government for EDUCATING,SENDING,GIVING MONEY,INCREASE MONEY,OFFER JOB,INCREASE SALARY(even before u guys graduated), OPPORTUNITY to SPECIALTIES SCHEME… and etc.. Well some of you might say that’s what the government should be doing and i say no they are not!

Why? One political party modelled their manifesto of ‘kerajaan berkebajikan’ based on success by countries such as UK, Germany and other european countries and of course they say base on Islamic teachings (i have nothing against it) BUT even their example of WELFARE COUNTRIES don’t send as much students abroad to study, some don’t ever think of sending even ONE! Our current government stood firm and strong by it’s POLICY made by POLITICIANS to keep on sending US here to ENJOY holiday in European countries, GO TO USRAHs, JOIN KUD,IMAM,PPIMI,MSM etc, to allow our minds to be controlled by others, and lastly to STUDY. They don’t send us here just to know that in the end YOU are the one who are barking around saying bad things about them, worst of all you don’t even thank them for this opportunity! They don’t beg for your thanks but hey don’t let me start ethics, moral and adab lectures here you thick-head!

I wonder what will happen if these less-than-grateful voices of yours be part of the ‘new-government’ formed after this election. If u ask me, I’ll say THANKS, BUT NO THANKS!!

They will be getting at least RM6,000 including allowances every month, which is almost double what the present graduate house officers are getting on grade UD41.

Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican said the promotion exercise would cost RM1.7mil annually.

He added that at least 7,000 doctors on grades UD41 and UD44, who were appointed before 2008, would also get their long overdue promotions. This would cost another RM9.8mil.

He said many doctors had been stuck at UD41 for six to seven years and that they would be moved to the higher scale of UD44.

“Hopefully, this promotion exercise will indirectly encourage many doctors to remain in the civil service,” he said.

Dr Ismail denied allegations by certain parties that there were not enough opportunities for other races compared to Malays in the medical sector.

RRR : Which party? This is merely political agenda. Stop accusing and spreading false information just to get a vote from innocent yet naive rural people of Malaysia. You don’t have to go to kampung-kampung to fool a person. Come here to Ireland, I’ll bring you to a place where you will be loudly applauded for your lies and misleading information about what government has been doing. I will tell you who is the best candidate to be your political secretary should you be elected in this general election. I will show you people whose mind you can control and manipulated easily. They are all in Ireland and not in kampung-kampung in Malaysia. Stupid people are everywhere, they exist even in group of educated people.

He said that from 2000 to February this year, there were 2,085 specialists of whom 56% were Malays, Chinese (23.7%) and Indians (19.3% ).

RRR: PMCSA, it’s not your fault and I will not point my finger at you for inability to attract Malays to your event. It’s not worth having them in your event, at all. They shouted and criticised your system and plans or events. When they have the opportunity to be part of PMCSA, step forward and contribute actively as committee members or active members, they shy away. They didn’t come to the AGM and worse of all some didn’t even know when is your AGM (or chosed not to know). And when u did slave auctions.. any other events based upon agreement within the committee which is mostly consist of non-malays, that’s really up to your elected committee. What appall me is they criticised harshly, they go strong on you just because they don’t like your event. Worry not about their cheap voices, because i believe to bring change is to be part of the system. As the proverb goes, they are just ‘barking at the wrong tree lah‘ dah la salah, annoy people pulak tu!

About the statistic above, this is reality. We are all idealist but when it comes to real world, we sit back in our holes, just like a mimosa pudica when touched. There are more malays specialist in Malaysia, unlike years before when medicine is monopolied by non-malays. This is a very clear result of government visionary health policy, setting up more medical schools, sending more students to do medicine abroad etc. I really think this must continue, think of future generations, if we are given these opportunities, why not our children and grandchildren. And my two cents for malay specialist, doctors out there is get acquainted with MMC and play strong role in shaping a better and Islamic based health system in Malaysia. I don’t blame Indians or Chinese for their lack of knowledge about the greatness of Islamic based Health system, but i do put the blame on Malays, on us! Situation in PMCSA and MMC is not much different if we malays don’t realize.

He said 55% of the specialists on grade UD48 were Malays, 23% Chinese and 18.2% Indians. As for UD54, it was 58% Malay, 21% Chinese and 16% Indian.

Of the specialists under special grade C, he said 51.1% were Malays and Chinese and Indians made up 24% each.

As for those under special grade B, he said that 42% were Malays with the Chinese and Indians making up 24% and 34% respectively.

RRR: Really, there’s nothing much more important to me than to let you guys know that how lucky we are to be here, and as the proverb goes we don’t bite the hands that feed us. I know and i understand it’s hard for some people to admit that we are here for the kindness and the generosity of the government and at the same time they become tool for the oppositions to taint our innocent yet naive minds of la creme de la creme of Malaysian future generation in Ireland. Wake up guys, be politically aware but not politically inclined, just yet!

As for me, nothing is certain in this world, be easy and careful on forwarding political campaign materials, trust me they are only for this general election purposes. Look years back behind if the government only promise to win in the election, students will be sent abroad once in 4 years time! Important for you to keep your option open and not to get hyped up just because everyone around you seems to be inclined and feel obliged to support one party in particular. As for now you are not obliged to do that, you are sent here to go holidays in european countries, join student association, enjoy irish weather, and lastly STUDY. Be thankful for the opportunity, if u hate your parents – who give you your pocket money – really badly, just SHUT UP until u get your first salary then u can complain.


8 responses to “2010 Docs get paid higher: Now. Future docs in Ireland, SHUT UP! and stop saying bad things about the government!

  1. Mahirah Kamil Puat

    Assalamualaikum wbt…

    Satu artikel yang baik, penuh dengan statistik, tahniah kepada penulis selaku seorang pimpinan pelajar kerana mampu menyuarakan pendapat dengan baik.

    Datangnya Islam merupakan rahmat Allah kepada seluruh alam.. ‘aqidah Islam membebaskan manusia daripada penghambaan sesama manusia kepada penghambaan kepada Allah semata-mata. Seorang Muslim tidak takut kepada sesiapa dalam menegakkan yang haq (kebenaran)… how liberating Islam is!!

    Kita tidak ‘berhutang’ pada sesiapa.. segala SYUKUR hanya pd Allah. Setiap hari baca doa dalam ma’thurat..

    ‘Ya Allah, nikmat apapun yang ku peroleh dan diperoleh dari seseorang di antara makhlukMu adalah dariMu, yang Esa & tidak bersekutu, maka bagiMu segala puji & syukur’

    Islam juga mengajar kita untuk berterima kasih. Saya sgt bersetuju dengan penulis bahawa kita perlu berterima kasih kepada pihak-pihak yang telah menyara pengajian kita di sini. Mungkin bkn hanya sekadar kad (yang nampak), tp doa (yang tak nampak) moga usaha mereka diredhai Allah & mendpt ganjaran dunia akhirat. Bg pihak kita sbg pelajar Muslim; menjadi Muslim beriman, belajar bersungguh2, berusaha menjadi seorang yg well-rounded & kritis.

    Kitalah (insyaAllah) yang akn menambahnilai usaha2 pembangunan sedia ada, dan juga memperbaiki kepincangan (jika ada.. well, nobody is perfect, right?) yang ada dalam negara. Berusaha ke arah Malaysia yang lebih baik.

    Tahniah sekali lagi ats penulisan ini. Moga terus memberikan pendapat yang lebih kritis.


  2. Terima kasih mahirah,

    Kadang-kadang jika difikirkan dan jika saya ingin membuat spekulasi, cuba untuk bersangka buruk (walaupun saya tahu Islam mengajar kita supaya bersangka baik), sedangkan terima kasih pun susah hendak dizahirkan kepada pihak yang sepatutnya menerima, inikan pula pengakuan SYUKUR kepada Allah.

    Biasa kita diingatkan oleh ulama’ jika kita ingin mendekati Allah, lihatlah ciptaan-Nya seperti lautan, hutan hujan, langit bintang benda-benda yang dinamakan nikmat dunia. Ingin saya membawa pemikiran saudari dan pembaca yang lain kedalam konteks topik perbincangan kita ini. Jika kita gagal untuk berterima kasih (benda yang ‘kad’ yang nampak lagi nyata) dengan pemberian yang diperolehi (wang euro), masakan kita akan mengerti disebalik wang kertas euro (yang nampak itu), adalah nikmat yang tak terhingga yang patut kita SYUKURI.

    Jika tak berterima kasih pada yang nampak, macamana nak berSYUKUR pada yang terselindung.

    Pandangan saya adalah pandangan seorang yang sangat cetek serta tidaklah pandai saya berbicara mengenai Agama. Hanya berdasarkan logik dan pemerhatian saya sebagai seorang manusia.

    Seperti kata seorang rakan, Islam mengajar manusia untuk berbuat sesuatu berdasarkan logik akal, dan kerana itulah logik akal juga digunakan untuk tulisan ini.


    Teruskan menyumbang idea!

  3. ruzaimi,
    i really want to comment on your blog
    do remind me nanti
    aku tgh packing nak siap2 balik msia
    adui, malas gila
    rasa dah seronok beraktiviti di ireland!

    salam perjuangan!

  4. the time will come and they will learn a lesson
    i think they have learn the lesson
    i think people vote opposition because they hate BN so much
    u can see from the majority even in selangor KL

  5. ouh.asking people to shut up isn’t really a good idea.let people say wateva they wanna say ok.it’s people’s right not to shut up=)
    neways..good to know you r one of the grateful ones.

  6. Well there is a limitation to the word FREEDOM. that’s what i believe in. It’s one’s right to keep on talking a.k.a not to shut up. But it depends really much on the contents.. Right?

    Well, I am at the moment practicing my right to express my views and opinion.. and so do you.. By the way, i’m just telling people to stop saying bad things about government, isn’t it good to advise people against saying bad things!

    And my advise to you, don’t shut up.. =)

  7. Agree. Shut up at the right moment and bark at the right moment as well. That’s y we need the brain to guide the words that we say so that we know when to shut up and when to bark.

    I think its not wrong to comment or voice out opinions even if it’s bad as long as we are trying to find solutions to the problem. The problem is, we usually shout it out loud, blaming every single creature without suggesting what should be done.

    Hmmhhh… I like this writing!

  8. Well written and expected from you. Seems convincing when inserting facts and figures.

    I do agree that sesiapa yang disponsor oleh govt should not bite the hands who feeds them. Tetapi, andai ada yang kurang elok, secara berhikmah lah membetulkan keadaan itu…

    What happened in PRU 12 was part and partial untuk memberi peringatan. Mungkin yang bersuara itu nampak (yang jelas lagi lah) tangan kiri membuat perkara tidak baik, walaupun tangan kanan menghulur kebajikan. Amanah yang diberi rakyat harus dipikul dan dijalankan dengan baik (tidak kira BA atau PR).

    Ini sekadar untuk difikirkan..agak-agaknye, elaun yang dinaikkan, sponsor yang diberi..datang dari mana? dan bagaimana ianya boleh bertambah dan ditambah dengan mendadak?

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