Tun Abdul Razak: Gem of his generation, aspiring our generation

In 1947 Abdul Razak Hussein arrived in London to further his study, without knowing he will return back home bringing not only his graduation scroll but also, most importantly i have to say, the scroll of Independence of Tanah Melayu. Being born inheriting aristocrat bloodline doesn’t make Abdul Razak less malay than anyone else. He realized being one of a little bit more fortunate Malays at that time, he need to do things beyond his own expectation. We knew Tunku Abdul Rahman for being the Father of Independence, Tun Hussein Onn for bringing Unity, Tun Mahathir for modernising Malaysia, but we must not forget that behind our independence, racial unity and integration, booming of economic and infrastructures, the mastermind was Tun Abdul Razak, who once was a student just like us!..

In fact, if not because of his effort setting up Malay Forum, actively participated in social and political events while studying in London, and his love to Tanah Melayu, we might not be standing where we stand now, we might no be studying where we studying now. For me, we have a very strong proof in our history that we were once the leading nation in world’s economy and politics. Infact Bahasa Melayu was once a lingua franca, used by British, Arabs, Portuguese and other traders in Malacca. Well history repeats itself! all of us knew that, but when? The answer lies in our level of awareness, and effort in retyping Bahasa Melayu as lingua franca in modern history of the world.

In upcoming General Election, we can see there are many names from our generation contesting for state and parliamentary seats, be it from oppositions or governments parties. I care less about what flag they are bearing towards the election day but the ideas they are imposing in. They have to be the front runners for our generations and must have the urge to CHANGE in their mind. Maybe some might think the government is doing a very good job now, or some might think opposition is! As for me if both of them are doing good job, the one that will benefit most is our country! So the playing field is open for all, go and strike some goals, and not just dream of it!

The names like khairy jamaluddin, badrul (chegubard), nik nazmi, and many more must represent the views and ideas of our generation… to be imposed in current system and not to only support the previous generations idea (i bet not all is spoiled broth). Make 12th general election a process to rejuvenate, reengineer and restructure Malaysia’s political sytem, since all are fighting for the betterment of our beloved country.

Vote idea not flag!

A government is a working unit of a hardworking, reliable and dedicated wakil rakyat chosen by the people, for the people! If you put flag infront of individual capabilities, charisma and potential, guess which type of clowns will be running Malaysia in next 5 years. Take Tun Abdul Razak as an example, a leader of his charisma and visions, kalau bertanding sebagai calon bebas pun pasti menang! Without doubt UMNO has a very good track record especially in producing great leaders, but the process doesn’t stop just yet, it is continuous and that will keep UMNO favourite among young voters.

The time is now to walk the talk, to put pen on paper, to ‘cross’ in agreement the names to represent ‘YOU’ not themselves. To put your interest before theirs, to fight for your comfort first then theirs, leaders are workers with most job! And rakyat is the ‘boss’. Switch the mentality and make them (wakil rakyat) work for you!

Tun Razak was a young lad before (just like us) and he set our country on a track towards modernisation and development. We are young as how he was before and which track we are going to put the next generations on?

Selamat Mengundi!


One response to “Tun Abdul Razak: Gem of his generation, aspiring our generation

  1. well TPM says vote party not personality.. i beg to differ

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