Next stop.. Malaysia

It happened in Thailand, same goes to Myanmar, then Pakistan, next.. Malaysia!! (not in chronological order)

     Err… Emm… Seriously i don’t know how to start this scribbles. I am utterly dissapointed and appalled with the way ‘WE’ are handling our internal political issues. Having said that, I’m not putting any blame onto the Government, neither do I want to say bad things about the opposition. Back to the meaning of democracy (if u guys still think it is still the applied meaning of democracy) it is a government of the people, chosen by the people. And who should be held liable for all these massacres, misconceptions, misunderstandings and numerous misleading informations?  THE PEOPLE! MALAYSIANS!

     Why i said that? It’s easy to point our finger at somebody when something really bad happened. We will try our best to stay away from the responsibility and the gut to admit that we are not doing things right or maybe we had done something wrongly. Be it the Gorvenment personal or those who decided to bring whole army of their family to the streets claiming that they are going to CLEAN the election system in Malaysia. I’m not sure if BERSIH has actually cleaned up the mess or had just ‘conteng arang’ on our beloved country face and name.

      Outsiders started to think we are as bad as other politically instable countries. Obviously the way the media in Western world will not back us up, infact they will try to manipulate and make us look even worse. What they care is, they want to prove there is a political instability in that part of the world so that their act of ‘liberalization’ thru utilization of military powers will be ‘ethically’ justified. NO WAY i will allow my Malaysia to be treated and destroyed as how they destroy Iraq and Afghanistan. Remember 1997, we were tested with a great economic slump, and we survived without any help from IMF, kudos to the national leaders, if not because of the long sighted thinking of theirs, you guys wouldn’t even have the chance to wear yellow and march on the streets at all! Oh yaaa Melayu mudah lupa! Lame excuse but do you care?

        Simply speaking.. the main issue now is who is fighting who now? Do you think we are better off if we change the government? In fairness, I don’t think the oppositions are capable of handling this country. I hope that can be taken as my personal opinion. We are Malays, we fought for the Independence, don’t let our differences in ideology destroy our peace and freedom we enjoyed for 50 years now. I still do not think having three parties with Malay majority is the best solution. Furthermore they fight with each other!! Embrace our diversities and differences but do not forget we are ONE!

I love Malaysia, and being abroad makes me feel that it’s more than a responsibility to fight for our peace and freedom, it’s an Obligation!


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