Of democracy and reality..


“A government of the people, chosen by the people, working for the people”

The definition says it all, but does it been reflected in our day-to-day life. Is democracy really as what has been defined? Regardless of your political beliefs, be it opposition or pro-government, the power is in the hand of people. Be afraid not to change the ruling party if you think the time is now for a change in power. Democracy means a more dynamic and brave community.

Why do i say so. Well taking into example political situation in Malaysia which i would rather say stagnant and rigid, democracy is less prominent. Yes, i do believe democracy is practiced in Malaysia to a certain extent(what about you?) BUT the degree of flexibility in the mind our voters is far beyond what is expected as an outcome of active democracy.

The only state that has the most interesting story-line as far as power changes is concern is Kelantan. I will try not to be bias here but the reality is, kelantanese have this attitude of expressing their disagreement and dislike of a ruling state government by not voting for them in the next election. For the past 20 years or more Kelantan is ruled by BN or PAS interchangeably. I am not in the perfect position to discuss deeply into this matter. Just to bring some attention to the dynamic people of Kelantan.

Do we need to thank the government?

Yes and No! Simply speaking no politician can claim he/she is the boss or he/she should be respected for running the government. Instead, they should thank the people for choosing them. And they must remember they are serving the people and the big word of ‘amanat’ or responsibility sits tightly on their shoulders. Yet there are those politicians who take advantage of their position to grab as much wealth as they could to save their own asses for the future. Shame on them.

Malays are brought up completely educated with good manners therefore we thank the government for everything that has been done. Theoretically we have the choice of not thanking them, but ethically we have to thank them. It’s just us. That’s why we are special. Malays are soft-hearted and well mannered.

How do we play our roles as effective citizens?

Different people contribute in different ways. In all walks of life, people can play their own part and can be effective citizens. One way to be citizens who contribute is by showing our supports and complaints accordingly. We pledge as much as we can as a sign of support for beneficial programmes or put as much pressure on the heads of the leaders when the programmes run by government is not suitable or just a waste of money.

We can’t simply be ‘pak turut’, nodding in ignorance and agreeing cluelessly for what have been decided and planned. Maybe if we play much more active role, everything will be in favor of the people, not individuals or selected few. Well that’s the true meaning of democracy. I’m not suggesting brutal force, or unwise riot acts, but we just need a peaceful piece of mind and well mannered and sweetly constructed statement in showing disagreement.

Current Situation..

In the lights of Islam Hadhari, I can’t see why we can’t become a developed country in 2020. I am sure IF each and everyone of us understands the true meaning of the approach taken by the government led by Pak Lah, we are far in front of our scheduled time to become a developed country by 2020. We will achieve our vision far earlier, provided that the on-growing, fastly metastasized cancer in community we called corruption is curbed. This well-known deadly disease of the nation has to be cured before it becomes part and parcel of our life.

Support those who serve the people.


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