Environment and Unity – History and Corruptions?


There right in front of me, two persons who always appear in malaysian TV for different reasons. Karam Singh Walia and Prof Emiritus Dr. Khoo Kay Kim are the guests of honours for talks about Environment and Unity held in Edmund Burke Theatre. KSW is well known for his hand gestures while delivering his environmental reports in prime time news while Prof KKK needs no introduction. The guests are starting to fill up the half full-half empty lecture theatre. Roughly about 250 showed up. That’s an incredible number of attendees for such academic talk.

The Evergreen and Green..

I remembered once Prof KKK came down to my college delivering his speech on the History of Racial Unity in Malaysia. He caught my attention when he mentioned about the bloody day of 13 May 1969, he explained it like no other books, articles had explained the black dot in Malaysia’s history. Today, here he is again talking about almost similar thing but with a different approach, relevant to the advancing part of the world called Malaysia. I couldn’t agree more when he said Malays, Chineses, Indians and other races couldn’t mix together like in the times of early 19th. It’s really true. Even this is manifested in local universities. No Chinese sharing rooms with Malays and vice versa. While joking about 3 and a half languages (1/2 would be kelantanese language) been used in local universities nowadays, he seriously stressed that if no action taken to curb this discomfort feelings between chinese-malay-indian.Unity that we fought for before our independence will be hugely affected.That brought him to a conclusion that, History subjects taught in school has to be revised and lot more values have to be taught in history. I had no time to look around for those who fell asleep while listening to this lenghty history lecture that we long missed..Hmm..Well history is not than boring anyway!

Enough history for the day, the Green Giant, Mr KSW took the rostrum and delivered his speeches. He never failed to attract viewers to pay their attention to his environmental reports in Buletin Utama. Thanks to his popular hand gestures and unique ‘peribahasa’. I have to admit that he is damn serious when talking about environmental issues. He revealed how he was brought up in Banjar-filled village, and is so comfortable living among Malays. He showed few video clips on his environmental reports to open up our eyes on what’s really happening in Malaysia at the moment. How sickening and saddened to see the river been polluted by palm oil refinery and no action is taken just because the owners are relatives of a ‘VIP’. And Government land being trespassed and used as dump land by an authorized waste management company. To make things worse, they illegally dig and sell sands from the area. It has been an eyesore in the eyes of the residents of nearby apartments..

The Cancer in Society..

Two reasons has been singled out to explain the pollution and misuse of government’s property. Firstly, the weakness of the delivery system. It has been brought to everybody’s attention that the current government led by Pak Lah is trying so hard to improve delivery system in civil services especially in public authorities. However, the mindset of the civil servants especially has been diseased. A cancer is spreading fast in the society. Just like a time bomb, the outcome will be catastrophic if the tick ends and the cancer will be blown out of proportion. Corruption is the cancer. Enough said about corruption!

And it all back to….

Mr KSW has thrown his pieces of mind for all attendees to ponder upon. He challenged us to broaden up our mind and return home as a changed person, out of the tempurung. His speeches was so provocative and mind challenging, as what i expected to hear from a guy of his personality.

Prof KKK wisely constructed his words and tried his best to relate history, unity and future generations. His cool attitude and words of wisdom changed a lot of people’s conservative perceptions on History. We learned a lot from His-Story.

Human discovered Science, History documented it..

Best analogy would be, a Tsunami is best learned after it happened, only when it has become a history.


Thanks to the speakers for sharing their thoughts. A big hands to the organizers for such beneficial event. Thumbs up to the audience for all the attention and good questions. Pat on our backs for turning up and making a better future leaders!!


2 responses to “Environment and Unity – History and Corruptions?

  1. I wonder why Karam Singh is there.. He should be in Malaysia taking care of the nature

  2. If i’m not mistaken he was invited for a talk in UK. Mr KSW and Prof KKK are two good examples of non-malays who can integrate well in Malay culture.

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